Credit Cards to get a Reward When you buy Crypto. We have discussed different types of credit cards on this blog but have not talked about a crypto rewards credit card before. Crypto cards are credit cards that simply give you a reward for buying crypto. So today we are going to be taking a look at credit cards to get rewards when you buy crypto.

 Credit Cards to get a Reward When you buy Crypto

If you are looking for where to get rewarded after buying any cryptocurrency, you are on the right page. This is because cryptocurrency cards are the new incentive payment option that is currently in circulation. Many people are investing in crypto, so these card companies are looking to get more customers by providing rewards when people buy cryptocurrency.

Credit Cards to get a Reward When you buy Crypto

As I mentioned above, cryptocurrency reward cards are the new incentive payments used by many companies to get new customers. Currently, more people keep on investing in cryptocurrency, which is why these credit card companies look to capture a part of the market share by offering rewards in cryptocurrency.

Anybody now looking to get into a cryptocurrency investment can simply decide to get any of these cryptocurrency reward cards to be rewarded in crypto instead of cash. This is a win-win situation for the investor because he or she has killed two birds with one stone. You get to purchase the crypto and invest, and you also get rewarded with extra crypto.

Crypto Rewards Credit Cards

Crypto Rewards Credit Cards are credit cards owned by currency exchange companies SoFi and BlockFi, which give you rewards for purchases in cryptocurrency. Using this card, instead of earning points and miles, you simply earn rewards in cryptocurrency, which is specified by the card. These cards are intended for those who are more daring and interested in cryptocurrency.

You can simply use your crypto rewards credit card at any merchant just like you normally would with your credit card. Instead of these cards being backed by a bank, they are simply backed by your own crypto wallet. This card can help you whether you are seeking to build your credit score or you simply want premium travel perks and benefits.

How Do Crypto Rewards Credit Cards Work?

The credit cards are also the same as your standard. The only difference is that one reward is in crypto and the rewards are in cash. It is also the same process of application and approval that you will go through if you want to apply for crypto credit cards. With these cards, your credit line will also be totally dependent on your income and credit score.

When it comes to payment processing, crypto credit cards also make use of networks like Visa and Mastercard. meaning that they would also be accepted at any terminal where normal credit cards are accepted. Again, the only difference between these cards is that you only earn rewards in crypto instead of cash-back or airline miles.

Best Credit Cards for Getting Rewards When Buying Crypto

Now that we have seen what these credit cards are and how they generally work, let’s now take a look at some of the best. Below we have listed and talked about some of the best crypto credit rewards cards available for you to choose from:

Visa® Signature BlockFi Rewards Card

At the top of our list today, we have the BlockFi Rewards Visa® Signature Card. This is the best cryptocurrency reward credit card on the market. One of the main reasons is that it offers potential applicants an opportunity to know if their application will be approved or not. Another important benefit of this card is that it has a $0 annual fee.

The card also offers 0.25% back on all eligible trades, 1.5% back for every purchase, and the ability to earn 2% back after $30,000 of annual spending. All these rewards are all paid in crypto.

Gemini Credit Card

If you are just looking to earn a quick reward on the side, the Gemini Credit Card is the best option for you. There is also no annual fee on this card, and it offers cashback on all purchases at varying rates depending on your spending habits. You can get your reward in Bitcoin or choose from the 60 available cryptocurrencies to see your reward in real-time.

Brex 30 Card

The Brex 30 Card is the only small business car on this list that is offering crypto rewards as an option to its customers. That is, if you do not want to receive your reward in cryptocurrency, you can do so through traditional means. The application process does not require you to have a credit score; your business’s creditworthiness is what is required.

SoFi Credit Card –  Credit Cards to get a Reward When you buy Crypto

SoFi credit cards offer 3% cash back rewards for a year when you set up a direct deposit with SoFi. After that, you can now earn 2% cash back on purchases redeemed on investing savings or paying down an eligible loan with SoFi. This means that you have the option to invest your rewards in your SoFi account.

This card makes use of MasterCard, which offers additional benefits and discounts with all MasterCard brand partners.

These are the best cryptocurrency reward cards in the business of cryptocurrency cards. If you are someone that is willing to take a risk, you can start making use of any of these cryptocurrency reward cards today. But you have to decide for yourself if they are the way to go, which will either make you use them or not.

Crypto Rewards Credit Cards Frequently Asked Questions

Do any credit cards offer crypto rewards?

Not all of the cards available on the market offer cryptocurrency rewards. It is only the ones who specialise in the cryptocurrency market that are able to offer their customers rewards in cryptocurrency. So, if you want to get a cryptocurrency card, you should get one that is specifically listed in this article.

Which credit card is best for cryptocurrency?

There are many cryptocurrency rewards credit cards that are out there. Some of them are best for some people, while others are not. Before you decide for yourself, you need to take a look at the features of each of them to know the one that is best for you before applying.

How do you get rewarded with crypto?

To get rewarded with cryptocurrency, you need to make use of any of the cryptocurrency reward credit cards that are available. All you need to do is simply apply for any of them that you like and then start making purchases with them to earn rewards in cryptocurrency.


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