Crew Member Job in USA With Visa Sponsorship. Move to the US to continue your crew member career today. The US is one of the countries people across the world want to visit or leave in.

If you are one of them, getting a job offer is one of the easiest ways to leave in your dream country. However, through the US visa program, an employer can sponsor a Foreigner’s visa

Crew Member Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship

Manny restaurants abroad constantly search for a Crew Member to join their team and provide friendly, prompt, and reliable service to their guests.

Are lots of Crew Member jobs you can get in the US, with free visas inclusive. For you to work in the US, you must first get a job offer before you can apply for a US work visa. Read on to Discover how to apply for a crew member job in the US, the type of visa that is obtainable for the job, salary expectations and more.

Who is a Crew Member?

A Crew Member also known as Restaurant Crew Member is someone responsible for helping a team of restaurant staff in preparing orders and interacting with customers. However, their duties include greeting customers and taking their order requests into a computer system, working as part of an assembly line to cook and package orders, and maintaining a clean workspace.

What is a Crew Member Job?

A crew member job is a type of job where someone is hired to perform specific roles and duties across a wide range of industries. The work of a crew member involves customer service and/or physical labor on a seasonal or year-round basis. Also, crew members work for airlines, restaurants, resorts, and on ships.

Crew Member Job Benefits

Below is a list of benefits you may enjoy as a crew member in the US

  • Receive employee discounts and free meals
  • There’s paid sick leave and/or paid time off
  • Enjoy tuition reimbursement and/or educational assistance
  • Get training and advancement opportunities
  • The 401k plan
  • Get Medical, dental, and vision benefits*

The above are some of the outstanding benefits you may enjoy as a crew member in the US.

Companies Sponsoring Foreign Crew Members In the USA

Some of the companies that sponsor foreign members for crewmember jobs include;

  • Wholesome int.
  • Nestle
  • Holland America Line Inc.
  • Spirit Airlines
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  • Cousins Subs
  • Up with Trees
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Five Guys
  • McDonald’s

Crew Member Job Requirements and Skills

Here are the requirements and skills this job needs:

  • Have a work experience as a Crew Member or similar role
  • Be friendly, reliable, and punctual
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be physically fit and able to work on your feet for long periods
  • Ability to carry out duties irregular hours (day and night shifts)
  • Ability to enjoy working with people
  • Have relevant training and/or certifications as a Crew Member
  • Be observant

Crew Member Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of a crew member,

  • To perform or conduct administrative duties and errands as required
  • Escalate any issue or complaints to the relevant supervisor or manager
  • To prioritize important tasks and manage your time effectively
  • To maintain and operate equipment relative to your job role
  • Maintain professionalism and a positive attitude.
  • To help customers as needed, answer questions, and complete daily tasks.

These are roles for crew member jobs.

Type Of Visa For Crew Member Job USA With Visa Sponsorship

Below are the two types of US visa you can get for your Crew Member Job in the US

US H-2B Work Visa

H-2B visas are temporary visas and it’s best for seasonal workers. The H-2B visas are also limited to nationals of certain countries. Most developed countries and most Latin American countries are qualified, but many developing countries in Asia and Africa (including mainland China and India) are not qualified. So US restaurants that have temporary labour needs can use the US H-2B visa program.

Where To Find Crew Member Job In the USA With Visa Sponsorship

There are many US job Platforms where you can find crew member jobs to apply for. Among the job search platforms, online job search remains the best and the easiest, especially if you’re outside the US. US jobs websites like and LinkedIn are good examples of US job search sites.

Crew Member Job in USA With Visa Sponsorship

How To Apply For Crew Member Salary In the USA With Visa Sponsorship

Navigate with the steps below to apply for Crew Member Job in the US with visa Sponsorship online;

  • Go to the Linkedin job website at
  • Move down to find the job you want
  • Next, tap on the job link
  • Then, go through the job description
  • Hit on the Apply Widget and follow the prompts to log in/sign up to apply.

The above steps are procedures to apply for online crew member jobs in the USA.

Crew Member Job Salary in the USA

The average salary for a Crew Member in the United States is $12 per hour. However, the job salary figure varies widely depending on some factors such as education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your profession.

Crew Member Job Possible Interview Questions

Below are some questions you may be asked when you go for a crew member job interview (oral or written)

What are the Basic Skills of a Crew Member?

  • Be friendly, reliable, and punctual
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Physical fitness and the ability to work on your feet for long periods
  • Ability to work irregular hours
  • Be observant

What Are Crew Member Job Roles?

Crew Members help customers by answering questions, and completing daily tasks. Also, they will work with other employees and managers to ensure projects are completed on time and that our organization achieves its goals.

Why Should We Hire you?

To answer this question accurately, provide detailed information on your outstanding skills. You can mention how you deal with certain issues that came up in your former workplace. Make sure you advertise or sell yourself well to the interviewer, thereby giving the interviewer reasons to hire you.


What qualities make a Good Crew Member?

A good Crew Member should have superb customer service abilities. Good customer service skills will enable the person to interact with customers positively and ensure their satisfaction.

They should also have a personable nature skill to add to their customer’s positive experience at their establishment. Additionally, they should commit to maintaining a safe, sanitary environment for customers and make sure to clean all surfaces before and after their shifts.

What does it Mean to be a Crew Member in a Job?

A crew member is part of a team that performs particular roles and duties across a wide range of companies. Their work primarily Includes customer service and/or physical labor on a seasonal or year-round basis. Moreover, crew members typically work for airlines, restaurants, resorts, and on ships

What does a Crew Member do at Work?

A Crew Member performs different tasks throughout the day to make sure that customers and guests are satisfied with their experience or purchase.

How do I get a Job as a Crew Member?

To get a Crew Member, below are the Requirements and Qualifications you need ;

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Pass a background check and drug test.
  • Having some experience in the restaurant industry is preferred.
  • Have reliable transportation.
  • Learn a computerized ordering system.



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