So many people out there have been waiting for the Dark Mode Facebook, but it is finally here and this new look is absolutely amazing! It is arriving on computer devices and smartphones. And this gives you a more stylish and smarter way to scroll through your news feed.

Dark Mode Facebook - How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook | Facebook Night Mode

This feature is not just about looks. This dark interface helps you scroll through your feed comfortably. It also helps you to save your battery performance. These are amazing and potential benefits just for you. With this in mind, follow this article to get hold of this new experience on Facebook through the desktop and mobile phone.

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Dark Mode Facebook

Facebook has finally gotten the Dark Mode Facebook, which is rolling out to users of this social media platform. This article will be providing you with the steps on how you can get this new dark mode.

This social platform has been announcing this new feature, but right now, it is available to some parts of the world. So, if it is available in your location, you can quickly get hold of this feature right away.

So, how can you get hold of this feature, there are just so many ways for you to do this. And in this article, you will get just all the details that you need to take note of.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

Now, you may begin to ask how you can be able to enable the Dark Mode Facebook for the Facebook app on your smartphone. There are several ways for you to do this. However, we will be stating out only the official method, as we do not know if all other methods have been tested and trusted.

How? This applies to Facebook messenger! On the Facebook messenger platform, you can be able to make use of this amazing dark feature for the protection of your eyes and phone battery.

So, if you are just set to find out how you can enable this helpful and effective feature, check out the next part of this article.

Facebook Night Mode

If you have ever heard of the “Facebook night mode”, then you must have wondered what it is all about. This night mode is just the same as the dark mode. So, there is absolutely nothing for you to be confused about.

Facebook Night Mode Mobile

Having the Facebook messenger app on your smartphone entitles you to make use of this amazing helpful. So, if you have got an Android or iOS phone, it is possible for you to enable this feature on your Facebook app.

How do you get to do this? You simply have to send a “Moon” emoji to a friend and you will find an option to turn this feature on.

Facebook Dark Mode Web

Although Facebook does not offer an official dark/night mode for the web. However, it is possible for you to download a Chrome extension of this feature.

How can you download the “Dark Theme for Facebook”? Get on the web store, search for and find the Dark theme for Facebook. Once you find it, download and install it. From here, you will be able to find the extension at the top-right side of the web browser.

Now, you can visit the Facebook website on and click on the Dark theme icon at the top of the page.


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