If you are set to get the amazing Dark Mode Instagram, then you just have to stay right in this article. The dark mode feature is one feature that so many people out there have been anticipating. With this, you should note that the dark mode is finally here. So, you really do not have to worry yourself about scrolling under your covers, when you could care for your eyes and preserve your phone’s battery.

Dark Mode Instagram


Dark Mode Instagram

One of the largest social media networks on the web now supports the use of dark mode. With this, it is referred to as Dark Mode Instagram. This gives you the chance to turn down the lights and bright backgrounds of the app. With this, it helps to care for your eyes at night and even helps to preserve your phone’s battery.

The Dark Mode Instagram is currently compatible with Android and iOS phones. So, if you have the Instagram app on your smartphone, you can proceed to make use of this feature. However, most people find it so hard to turn this feature on. And honestly, this a common problem.

How to Enable Dark Mode Instagram

Enabling the Dark Mode Instagram does not have to do with a separate app from the main Instagram app that you have. It also does not have to do with the main app too. To enable this amazing and helpful feature, you do not have to turn in through the main app. This is the main reason most people find it so hard to turn the feature on and make use of it.

In this case, how do you get to enable this feature for this social media app? You have to do this through your main phone settings! However, you have to make use of the following mobile operating system version; Android 10 and iOS 13. Using these versions, you can access and make use of this helpful feature.

Dark Mode for Instagram

In this part of this article, you will get to explore and discover the steps through which you can be able to enable this feature. Using your Android 10 and iOS 13, you can quickly make use of this feature. Let’s check out the steps to turn on this feature.

Dark Mode for iOS 13 – Dark Mode Instagram 

If you make use of the iOS 13 version of your mobile operating system, quickly follow the steps below to enable this feature on your smartphone.

  • On your iOS 13 mobile phone, access the phone’s settings
  • You will find options on the page. Here, you have to select “Display and Brightness”
  • Next, tap on the “Dark” option
  • Open the Instagram app to enjoy this feature

This will turn on the dark mode, as you can make use of the app in dark backgrounds, which helps to care for your eyes and reduce battery consumption.

Dark Mode for Android 10 – Dark Mode Instagram 

The dark mode feature is also compatible with Android devices too. However, this applies to the Android 10 version. Follow the steps below to turn on the feature.

  • On your smartphone, go to the phone’s settings
  • From the list of options on the page, tap on “Display”
  • Activate “Dark Theme” by turning on the toggle switch
  • Open the Instagram app to enjoy!

Note: in some cases, this dark mode may apply to the use of all other social apps, as it is enabled through the main phone’s settings.


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