What is the ‘dating app Facebook Australia’? With the launch of the Facebook dating feature and with it getting to major cities and regions all over the world, Facebook users and enthusiasts are still concerned as they want to know if it is now available to Australian users.


Dating App Facebook Australia

Dating App Facebook Australia

The Facebook dating feature is one of the newest features on the platform, but it also is one of the most popular features right now, that Facebook got to offer. Facebook is a platform that is not seen as a dating platform. Therefore when Facebook announced that it will be launching a dating feature on its platform, everyone, Facebook users mostly were all anxious about this feature.

Ever since its inception, the feature has met great reviews from users all over the world and in designated regions with access to Facebook dating most, especially in Australia. Facebook has always left the dating world to other platforms and has instead focused on other aspects of social media such as connecting the world in various diverse ways. Now let’s look at what this feature will look like.

Is the Facebook Dating Feature an App

The Facebook dating feature is not an app as so many people thought. Facebook dating rather is a feature within the Facebook app itself. This feature exists as a tab within your Facebook account page. This means that if you don’t have a Facebook account, you cannot get access to Facebook dating.

How Does the Facebook Dating Feature Work

Normally on dating platforms and apps, you will have to swipe right and wait to match before you can start conversations on the platform. But with this dating feature on Facebook, it is completely different. If you see a dating profile you like on the platform, you can either like the profile or comment directly on it.

Suggestions on the feature are given based on your interests and the things you have in common. Facebook will not let you match with your friends on Facebook. Rather it will only let you match with the friends of your friends.

You can choose to match with your friends through the secret crush feature. This very feature will let you add up to nine Facebook and or Instagram friends and followers. You will have to connect your Instagram account to add Instagram flowers. Once you add a person to the secret crush list, the person will be notified that he or she has a crush. I

f the person, on the other hand, adds you back, it’s a match! If the person, on the other hand, is not a Facebook dating user, he or she will not be notified of anything. Therefore anything that happens on the Facebook dating feature stays there.

How to Create a Dating Profile on Facebook

The Facebook dating feature is not yet available to all Facebook users, but it is available to Australian Facebook users. This, therefore, means that if you are located in Australia, you will be able to make use of this feature. Creating a dating feature is easy and super-fast. But before you begin with this, you need to own a Facebook account. On your Facebook account look for the dating tab. Click or tap on it and follow the prompt to set up your dating profile. You can also visit Facebook dating via this link Here.


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