There are so many people out there today that are willing to date online but they have not found any dating platform yet. If you are one of these people that are looking for a dating platform where they can date, this is the right article you should be reading now. This article talks about the dating app for Facebook.

Have you ever imagine Facebook having a dating app? Well, this is a new update that I think you all should know of because the more people know more about this kind of update the more learning spreads? Well, we will be looking into what this article has for us, the update that this article has that you need to know off.

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Dating App for Facebook

There is something about the dating app for Facebook that you guys do not know about at all. The dating app Facebook free is a feature on the platform that Facebook has introduced to its users all over the world as a whole.

Speaking of which the dating app that we all are seeing right on this article is not like every other app that we normally know about. The dating app is an in-built app that is found right inside the Facebook platform, it can not be seen on any app store not even think of downloading it.

Dating on Facebook Free

Dating app for Facebook, like I said it is an in-built app that cannot be downloaded. It is a free service that each and every Facebook user can access from any part of the world. It is a worldwide service but when I said to everyone on Facebook, I did not include those that are below 18 years.

The dating feature is only assigning to people that are 18 and above, so if you are not up to that age you cannot make use of the dating app that is for Facebook.

Dating App for Facebook Friends

We have been saying things about the dating app for Facebook and we have learned so many things from this article. Now, I want to include something that is nice when you see it, you will love it. The heading above this article is about the dating app for Facebook friends.

This is also the same thing as what we have been saying since the beginning of the article. You will agree with me that dating is not complete without seeing or finding someone who so wants a relationship.

This is when dating on Facebook comes in between two or more people or friends that is what this paragraph is trying to explain to us. That is all for the dating app for Facebook friends which we have here as the sub-heading of this paragraph.

Facebook Dating Link

Are you searching for the Facebook dating link? I don’t think there is any link for Facebook dating that you can find on the internet. The only dating link for Facebook is the dating profile. The profile is not what you can see if you do not a Facebook account.

An account is required in order to access the dating service of Facebook. If in case you have not created an account with Facebook and you are reading this article.

After reading this article, you want to create an account. This is because you have read about Facebook and the dating service which I have discussed with you here. You can equally open your web browser and go to

Fill out your personal details to create your account. Without using the web browser, there is also another way you can create a Facebook account. The second way you can create your account is through the Facebook mobile app.

Download the app from your app store on your Android or iOS device and open the app. Then follow the on-screen instructions on the sign-up page. You can also access the dating service through the mobile app of Facebook not only their website.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

To open a dating profile, create your Facebook personal account first. Then go to your personal profile page and you will find the dating service at the top of your profile. You will see a love-like icon at the top, click on it. But if you cannot find the love icon on your account, that means the service is not available in your location yet.

If you want to know if the dating platform is available in your location. You will see a dating notification on your newsfeed page that means the dating feature now in your location. Now, after you have clicked on the love icon, you will have to create your dating account. Or profile by providing all the requirements on the page.


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