Dating apps like Tinder- there are many dating apps like tinder. The tinder dating app is a very popular dating app, it’s liked and used by millions of people across the world. If you’re searching for dating apps like tinder I will duly show you some other dating apps that are alternatives to tinder.

Dating Apps Like Tinder

The tinder dating app is one of the secured and excellent dating platforms for individuals with mature minds. However, tinder according to statistics, shows that the Tinder app is on top of the top-grossing subscription app in the US for Q2 2019. The app had over $112 million in user spending.

Dating Apps Like Tinder | Best Dating Apps Like Tinder

Tinder dating app over the years has stood strong and reliable, since its inception in 2012. However, Tinder is not the only dating app in existence. There are many other dating apps that are doing exceptionally good too. These dating apps are online platforms that can match you with your desired mate just like you show in your profile.

They also have great features to bring you the best of services. These tinder alternative dating apps are

  • Hinge
  • OkCupid
  • Bumble
  • Elite Singles
  • Facebook dating
  • Happn
  • Badoo

These dating apps like Tinder operates very well on your Android and on iOS phone devices.

Top Tinder Alternatives Dating Apps 


The hinge dating app is one of the best alternatives for the tinder app. This is a United States-based dating app just like tinder. Just like on tinder dating apps users are allowed to like people’s profiles. This will give information about what the other person likes about the person and from there conversation will begin from there.

On hinge, you can control the like features. Hinge just like Tinder is growing faster around the US, Australia, UK and Canada. The app response to match in less than 24 hours, you can switch between different modes like date, BFF, and business. You can listen to and share music through Spotify.


OkCupid is one of the great alternatives to the Tinder dating app. The app allows users to express themselves “more than just a photo.” The app is designed with curated personality quiz questions that enable the app in filtering match options.

Also, the dating app is designed in a pattern that users can get acquainted with beyond photography. OkCupid has a simpler interface than Tinder, easy to access.

The app has unique features, singles match with others with the same passion and interest. With just a mutual swipe you can get connected with a unique messaging system.


Bumble is one of the best dating apps like Tinder. It was created by one of Tinder employees that left the company. The platform tends to discourage gender issues seeks to stand out in online dating platforms.

The Bumble platform is designed just like the Tinder dating app, same features but has two key differences. On Bumble, heterosexual matches, women make the move of sending messages first and the men are left with 24 hours to reply or respond before which the match will disappear.

The app is a reliable mobile dating app, you can match business, best friend and dating. You can make video or audio calls on the dating app too. The app is available on Google Play Store and on the Apple store.

Elite Singles

This is a dating app for elite singles, users from the age of 35-55 and people that are professionals in their field. It is an Australia based dating app for highly-educated singles seeking lasting relationships.

The elite single app uses a personality test to match suitable singles. You get compactible daily matches, matches that are based on your preferences. You can upload your Facebook photos straight from the app and get to meet singles near your location. Get the app at the Google play store and on the Apple store. It’s compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating app is another cool dating app that is available in about 20 countries around the world. It’s for users from age 18+. It functions separately from the main Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook already there’s no need for a fresh download

Users need not worry, it won’t broadcast that they’re using the dating app and will not suggest any of your friends as matches to you.

Users can integrate their Instagram posts directly into their Facebook dating profiles. You can add your Instagram followers to your secret crush list for a match if they too add you to their own list.


Happn dating app is an innovative design app that has quite unique features different from others. It has a concept of “Cross-path dating”. The app integrates social media user’s locations to indicate potential matches in your location

Any time any user of the Happn app crosses paths with each other in real life, their profile shows up on their timeline.

The dating app shows users the number of times they have crossed paths with the same person and time. The app is similar to tinder and has about 70 million users that are excited about the cross-path feature. Also, users can send a secret like or hello to get notified of interest.


Badoo is one of the longest dating sites ever established, since 2006. It was developed by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev. This app is similar to tinder but users can use filters to swipe on other users of interest.

On the Baddo platform, you get to chat via text and do video calls in real life. The app has great features like facial recognition. The app is used by over 4 million-plus users over the world.

You can search for people within your location and across the world. Swipe to the right to get a match with another user, they will be notified after the match. It’s such a great dating app, it functions on your Android and iOS devices. You can download it on Google Play Store and on the Apple store online.

Dating apps like Tinder above that we have discussed are reliable sites with a free subscription. If you’re thinking of any dating app check out the ones here at

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