Dating Facebook App 2021 – Setting Up your Facebook Dating Profile

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Am sure that by now you must have heard of the Facebook dating app 2021. Facebook has created a lot of interesting features on the platform, and one of them happens to be the dating app. Dating on Facebook has never been better ever since the dating app arrived. A lot of people on the platform are now making use of the app to find their data because Facebook has so optimized the app to functions perfectly, even better than some top dating platforms around today.

Dating Facebook App

Facebook has helped billions of people from around the world connect with each other, now with the dating app, they now help people find love. Today, if you go online to read reviews about the dating platform, you would find out that it is really great to use, and lots of people are already making use of it. well, with that stated, I would be giving you more interesting details on the Facebook dating app, and a lot more.

Dating Facebook App Features 2021

When it comes to features, there are lots of amazing features to try out on the dating app. There are the key features and the regular features that you would find on other dating platforms. The key features are some top features that made dating a lot better on the app. The key features include:

  • The dating app lets you add your Instagram post to your dating profile.
  • You can opt into events and groups to see people that possess what you are looking for on a date. While you do that, you would be visible to them.
  • You would be given the option to share details of your date, live locations via a friend on Facebook messenger, in other to make sure that you are safe.
  • Facebook has recently been planning to add Instagram and Facebook stories as one of the latest features

These are the key features of the app. Other interesting features include; selecting your gender and the gender that you are interested in, selecting your religion, and more. The platform also has a secret crush feature that allows you to match with people on Facebook. there is more to Facebook dating app, but the features stated above are the top features that differ the dating platform from others.

Setting Up your Facebook Dating Profile

Setting up the profile is an easy step to go through. All you have to do is to make sure you are making use of the latest Facebook App. If you do not have the latest version, update it to make sure it is on your device. Follow the steps below to set up the dating profile:

  • First, locate the dating app in Facebook Menu.
  • Open the app once you locate it to create a dating profile. Note that your dating profile is entirely separate from your main Facebook profile.
  • On the app, you would require to fill in some personal details about yourself which include your height, religion, job titles, if you have children or not, and more.
  • Once you do that, Facebook would suggest pictures from your Facebook profile that you can choose to edit during the process of creating a profile.

Once you are done with editing it, that is it. your Facebook dating app profile would be set for use.

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