What is the Dating Facebook App Australia? Is the Facebook dating app or feature now available to Facebook users in Australia? Well if you want to find out, then here is your chance.

The much anticipated Facebook dating is nowhere, but the real question here is, where is this feature available and where is it not available? Of course, we have all seen the promises of the platform, but will this Facebook feature live up to its hype?

Dating Facebook App Australia - Facebook Dating Available In Australia | Facebook Dating Profile

I mean this is not the first time that Facebook is coming up with a new feature and the feature not meeting up to promise. Well, I just hope that this one is different.

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Dating Facebook App Australia

When Facebook came out with the news that they were venturing into the dating market, many users were surprised. Personally, I was surprised. I never saw the Facebook platform as a dating platform.

Although Facebook has other features such as dating groups that users can use to find love, it’s not that major. But with this new feature, I think Facebook is not just making a bold statement, but also a bold step in bringing to its customers and users what they all secretly wish to see and desire.

Most Facebook user has never found love on the platform and if you are one of these persons then now is your chance of finding love in this platform.

Is Facebook Dating Available In Australia

Yes, Facebook dating is available in Australia. This means that if you are a Facebook user based out in Australia, you can now get access to Facebook’s dating feature. Isn’t that great?

Facebook is not yet available to all regions with access to the Facebook dating feature but it is sure available to Australian users.

How to Get Access to the Facebook Dating Feature

As long as you are in Australia you can access this feature. You will need to have a Facebook account to access this feature. If you don’t have an active registered Facebook account, you cannot get access to this feature.

You need to create your own Facebook account now. To create a Facebook account, go to the Facebook sign-up page at Facebook sign-up. On the Facebook sign-up page follow the prompt to successfully create your account. Once your account has been created, you can now access this platform.

This feature exists as a tab within your Facebook app. This tab is located in the left column of your Facebook account. Click on this tab. Or you can visit the Facebook dating platform to set up your dating profile on platform.

To visit this platform, go to Facebook dating. This will take you directly to the Facebook dating page. From here you can set up your dating profile on the platform and start matching with potential dates on the platform.


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