Who can explain or tell us what the Dating in Facebook Free App is all about? In our modern era dating is now a thing of joy. Social media has played its part and made it more fun. Facebook has also played a big role and as such dating on social media is possible.

Dating in Facebook Free App - Dating Through Facebook | Facebook Dating App Free for Singles

With a free registered account, one can access and testify to the wonders of the dating feature. The bottom line of the dating app is that users can use it to find potential matches for free.


You should note that you could however create a dating profile. This dating profile is free to create. So, let’s dive in!

Dating in Facebook Free App

On so many blogs and forums, dating in the Facebook free app has been an interesting topic. This is why I have decided to visit the topic today. Early, I mentioned a dating profile. This dating profile is clearly and completely different from the official profile you create when registering for an account. Any Facebook user without a dating profile cannot view your dating profile.

The service ensures the privacy of online daters or people looking for relationships online. You can read on to find out more about the dating app and how you can create a dating profile.

Dating on Facebook Free

Dating in the social media giant; Facebook is free for all to use for as long it is accessible to you. However, keep in mind that you need to have an account with the platform to use dating on Facebook. Dating on Facebook is free, unlike most dating apps and sites that require you to pay for premium features.

With Facebook dating, you don’t need to pay for anything at all. All that you need is a profile with Facebook and then set up your dating for free.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

The dating app is free of course, however, it doesn’t require you to download a standalone app. Dating on Facebook App is accessible with the Facebook official app or website for free. Yes, the app or feature is free for all to use, but you need an updated version of Facebook to use it.

On the dating app or free, you get to meet other singles who are ready to mingle and looking for a relationship. To use the Facebook dating feature, you need to download and install the Facebook app from the app store of the device you’re using. Facebook might have already known that, is free, and compatible with any device type including iOS and Android.

How to Access Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is easy to access, however, you need a Facebook account to access this service. So that means you need to be signed in to your official Facebook account. To access, log in to your account using your email or number and password. Or you can create an account using the app or go to the Facebook website.

Facebook Dating Account Setup

To set up your dating profile and meet potential matches, follow be steps below;

  • Launch the updated Facebook app on your device or use your browser and visit Facebook Dating.
  • Locate the Dating icon that is represented with a heart sign and tap on or on your web browser. If you using a browser, once you click on the link, you will be directed to the dating home.
  • The form for creating a dating profile will be loaded. Fill in the details completely.
  • Provide some personal information that will be required which will include your religion, height, job title, degrees, education, and others.
  • Based on your official account, Facebook will set up a dating profile for you.
  • You can now add or remove anything that you want from the account.

This will create your dating profile right away!


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