To all singles who are out there seeking for others to connect with, make friends, and even date, you can start Dating on Facebook for Free. If you have been a user of this social platform, you should know that Facebook has long been a place where people connect with each other. Here, people have been able to scope out their interests. And right now, it is possible for people to scope out their romantic interests. Now, Facebook users can officially use the social network site as a dating service.

Dating in Facebook Free


Using your complete specialized profiles, a matchmaking algorithm, and more, you are able to use Dating in Facebook Free! Let’s move on, as you get to know how you can access this online dating service all for free.

Dating in Facebook Free

Facebook Dating, which began rolling out to countries in the year 2018, is now rolling out to a few other countries. This official online dating service, known as Facebook Dating, gives users ages 18 and above the chance to access amazing features designed for them to build meaningful relationships.

The CEO of Facebook stated that about 200 million people have marked themselves as singles on this platform. What does this tell you? They believe something effective will happen here. Having the aim to change the relationship status of the millions who use it, they have launched Dating in Facebook Free.

If you’re just set to enjoy an amazing experience all for free, then you have to stay right on this article, as you get to know how you can access this dating home.

Facebook Dating | Aating Apps

Facebook Dating is a digital platform for digital dating products developed by Facebook. Please note that there is currently no web version for this platform. Facebook Dating is only available from the Facebook mobile app on Android and iOS.

Facebook Dating App Free for Singles

Following this article, you may begin to wonder how you can use the Dating in Facebook Free, you just do not have to worry! So many singles are already in the dating home connecting and keeping in touch with each other. So, if you are set to meet new people, make friends, share your moment, and even scope out your romance interests, this online dating service is just here for you. Do you know one amazing fact about this service? You can access and use it all for free.

Facebook Dating Site Launch | Dating in Facebook App

At the moment, Facebook Dating is available to 20 countries in the world. Only Facebook users in these locations are able to find and access this feature. Dating on Facebook Free is possible in the following countries; Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam. The company says it will roll out the feature to other locations later on.

Facebook Dating Home 2022

This online dating feature developed and owned by Facebook lives within the main Facebook app on your smartphone. It only takes easy steps to create a Facebook Dating profile. Using this profile, you get to access the dating home, send and receive chat messages, use the Secret-crush feature, and so much more!

The dating profile works just like your Facebook profile but is way different from it. Whatever you do within this dating home is never posted on your Facebook timeline. It is absolutely free, private, and secure. Let’s check out the steps to help you get your profile.

  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines, which is the Menu button.
  • From the list of options, select “Dating”.
  • In this section, fill in your Gender, Location, Interests, and a photo of yourself.
  • Confirm your profile.

This will get you into the dating home, where you get to swipe through profiles, in order to match with singles.


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