Dating on Facebook App 2020 is open to all who want to engage in online dating and even get to meet other singles on the platform. Facebook has always been about connecting and communicating and so you should not miss out on this one. With this, let’s check out the details on how you can engage in online dating within this social app.


Dating on Facebook App

Dating on Facebook App 2020/2021

Facebook’s most exciting feature is now on board, as it provides a safe atmosphere for online dating. Before getting to meet anyone or even date, there has to be a gradual process and Facebook is here to simplify that process. So many people out there have been making use of this feature to make friends, get to know each other better, and start up meaningful relationships.

This amazing feature has been around for a while now but it looks like it has got so much in store for you this year, 2020. Well, there could be no doubt, as we all know Facebook provides its billions of users with amazing features and services right on its site. And with about 200 million people using this feature? What does this tell you? Something effective is really happening here and you should not miss out.

Facebook Dating App

You may begin to wonder how you can make use of the Dating on Facebook App 2020, right? Before that, you have to gain knowledge about this feature. This online dating feature within this social app is known as the Facebook dating app. However, it is a feature situated right within the main Facebook app.

As long as you have got an active Facebook account, you are free to make use of this amazing and romantic feature. However, you have to note that it is currently available in 20 countries for now and will roll out to other locations later on.

There are so many ways for you to engage in online dating on Facebook in the year 2020/2021. For now, we will be referring you to the main dating feature on Facebook, which is known as the dating app on Facebook

Facebook Dating Review

The CEO of Facebook stated that over 200 million people are currently on the use of this dating home. What does this tell you? Something effective is happening here! With millions of people here, you can be sure to connect with so many singles out there. From here, you can get to know each other, make friends, and even date!

How do you begin? You must have a dating profile within this dating home. Once you get on this feature, you will be prompted to create a dating profile that will enable you to match with other singles, interact, and communicate. It is absolutely easy to use and just one of the best that you could ever find.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

Activating this feature has to do with setting up your Facebook dating profile. So, if you are set to gain real-time access to the Dating on Facebook App 2020. Using your facebook account, you have to set up this separate dating profile for online dating purposes.

Note: this dating profile is separate from your main Facebook account. With this, whatever that you do within the dating home does not reflect on your main Facebook account and profile.

  • Get on the mobile app on your phone or website on
  • Log in to the Facebook account
  • On the account, go to your profile. At the top of the page, click on the “Heart” icon
  • You can also go to the menu, scroll through to select “Dating”
  • In the dating home, provide the following details; gender, location, interests, and a photo of yourself
  • Confirm the dating profile

You are good to go! You can now match with other singles and communicate with others in the dating home.


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