Who else is set to get started with real-time online dating? If you actually are, then you should set up your Dating on Facebook App Profile! There are millions of people on Facebook who have set up their dating profiles and you should get yours too.

There is just no doubt that you are a single who is in search of other singles. With this, online dating is here to help you out.

Dating on Facebook App Profile - Dating on Facebook | Facebook Dating Account

There are so many other singles out there who want to connect just like you. Who knows? You may also find one who would find interest in you! So, if you are set to know more, stay right on this article.

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Dating on Facebook App Profile

The Facebook Dating App is an online dating feature on Facebook. This official dating feature is currently used by about 200 million people who have marked themselves as singles. Each of these people does create their dating profiles, in order to get to this dating home.

How does this profile work? It’s easy! This simply works like your normal Facebook account profile; how? Using this profile, you gain access to the dating home, send and receive messages, use romantic features, and so much more.

Dating on Facebook App

The Facebook Dating App is Facebook’s official online dating service. There are so many online dating sites and apps out there and Facebook is now in the game. This amazing dating feature exists right within the main Facebook app on smartphones but not for everyone. Why is this?

This feature is not yet available in every location. At the moment, it is available in 20 countries and only Facebook users in these locations can find, access, and use it.

Facebook Dating App

To activate this feature for use, you will need to set up your Dating on Facebook App Profile. And this is the reason we have written this article. So, if this feature is available in your location, stay right on this article to find the feature and get your Dating on Facebook App Profile.

Note that whatever you engage in within the dating home does not reflect on your main Facebook account. No one will get to know that you have a dating profile or are part of the dating home.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

Activating this feature for use simply has to do with setting up your Dating on Facebook App Profile. So, if you are set for real-time online dating, you should get yours right away. Let’s check out these steps.

  • Open the Facebook app and log into your account.
  • Here, you have to visit your profile.
  • At the top of your profile, click on the heart icon.
  • You can also tap on the three-horizontal button, which is at the top right side of your news feed.
  • From the list of options on the page, select “Dating”.
  • Next, you have to fill in your Gender, Location, Interests, a Photo of yourself.
  • Confirm the profile.

This will take you to the dating home.


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