Is Dating on Facebook App UK available to Facebook users in the UK? This is one question asked by so many people in the UK. So, if you are also a Facebook user who resides in the UK, then you have just arrived at the ultimate destination. This article will be taking you on a stroll to find out if this online dating feature within Facebook is available in the UK.

Dating on Facebook App UK - Dating on Facebook App Free | Dating on Facebook App Download

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Dating on Facebook App UK

Currently, online dating is one major way for singles to connect with each other. There is no doubt that you must have also heard of this. If you have, you should note there are certain dating apps and websites out there.

One of these amazing dating sites, is the dating home within the social media app, Facebook. And if you are a Facebook user who hasn’t heard of the online dating feature within Facebook, then you have just been missing out on so much fun.

This feature is available in 20 countries at the moment. However, there is a question; is the Dating on Facebook App UK available for Facebook users who reside in the UK? Let’s find out!

Facebook Dating Release UK

The Facebook Dating App, which is Facebook’s official dating feature is not available in the UK. At the moment, Facebook users in the UK are not able to access and use this feature at the moment.

However, you should note that this social company is working to make sure it rolls out the feature to other parts of the world including the UK.

Facebook Dating App

This is Facebook’s online dating feature. It exists right within the main Facebook app on your smartphone. So, if this feature is available in your location, you will be able to access and use it with quick and easy steps. This dating home is currently used by millions of people who have marked these as singles in the dating home.

So, if you are a Facebook user who is also single, here’s a chance for you. Get on the dating home to match and connect with other singles. Who knows? You may find a single who would also be interested in you!

Dating Sites on Facebook UK

You may not find the main Dating on Facebook App UK, but you definitely can find other areas on Facebook where you get to meet singles. They are known as Facebook dating groups. Groups on Facebook are online communities where people get together for the same purpose.

There are other singles out there just like you. They also want to date and connect. You just have to find and join these groups. Once you have been approved as a member of the group, you can connect with other singles. You will find the posts of other singles and you can also post to the group too.

If you find an interesting single, you can send a friend request and engage in private chat conversations. Let’s check out the next part of this article, in order to join these groups.

Facebook Dating Groups

There are tons of dating groups that you can join. With this, you are able to find other singles in the UK too. Let’s check out the steps to help you become a member of different groups.

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • On your homepage or the menu part of the platform, click on “Groups”.
  • At the top of the page, you will find a search bar.
  • In this search bar, type in and search for keywords such as “singles in the UK”, “dating in the UK”, “singles over 30 in the UK”, and other related keywords.
  • Once you find the groups to join, click on the “Join Group” button.
  • This will send a request to the group admin. Wait for a while for the request to be approved.

When you become a member of the group, you can reach other singles too.


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