The Dating on Facebook App is now available in over 10 countries including the US. After the dating app for the Facebook test was a call at Columbia, the service provider launched it within the US afterward. that’s to mention, Facebook users within the US can now use the dating app for free of charge.

Dating on Facebook App US - Facebook Free Dating App | Dating Account on Facebook

Dating on Facebook App US is straightforward, free, and available for users from the ages of 18+. To understand more about Facebook dating apps within the US, read on.

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Dating on Facebook App US

The Facebook dating app has made it easier for users on the platform to seek out potential matches. Yes, the platform is large and popular, but when it involves finding love interest on the platform, it seems impossibly hard. But since the discharge of Facebook dating, the platform has been helping single users to seek out loved ones.

Now the feature is out there within the US, users can create dating profiles to seek out matches in their area. The dating app is compatible with the Facebook app, which suggests users don’t get to download separate standalone apps. It’s an inbuilt feature where users can opt in or out.

Being an inbuilt feature doesn’t mean it takes your personal information your Facebook profile without your permission. Facebook dating being accessible within the US means you can now start using it to like.

How Does Facebook Dating App Work in US?

Yes, the app is inbuilt, but to use it, you would like to make a separate profile. And also, the feature or service doesn’t take your information from your personal account. The one-piece of data taken is your age and name. Once you create a dating profile, the platform will provide you with potential matches supported by the situation you’re in, some factors, and preferences.

The feature or service isn’t about swiping or wasting someone to love you before getting an opportunity. Once you encounter a profile you wish, all you’ve got to try is to comment directly on the profile. or simply pass if you don’t love it. Dating on Facebook App US allows you to match with friends of friends and therefore the people you’re not friends with.

One of the privacies features I really like about the Facebook dating app is that it doesn’t match you with those you’ve got as friends on your personal profile. But you’ll match with a lover you’re using Secret Crush then you both add one another to your list. Your dating activities like messaging aren’t carried to Messenger, there’s a separate texting feature to use.

Features on Facebook Dating App US

Facebook dating is new but it’s already a reputation to say when talking about dating apps to use. Of course, it won’t be so without having some great potentials or features. Apart from the very fact that the service has no ads in the least.

There are other interesting features you’d definitely enjoy once you create a dating profile and begin using it. These are a number of the key features or potential include the following;

  • Soon enough, users are going to be ready to connect and share with Facebook and Instagram stories.
  • With Facebook Secret Crush you’ll match with people you have already got or are referred to as friends on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Users can add Instagram posts to their profile on Facebook dating.
  • To Opt into Events or Groups to ascertain the people you shared similar interests with.
  • Users on the dating service can feel safe by sharing details about dates.
  • Creating a dating profile is simpler than ever and also free.

There are other features you’ll enjoy using the service but to possess all the small print, you would like to see it out yourself. As you already know, you would like a dating profile.

Who Can use Facebook Dating App?

Facebook dating isn’t only available within the US. it’s accessible for adults with a Facebook profile. Yes, the service or feature isn’t yet available to everyone. But it’s available for users from the 18+ within the following locations;

  • Argentina.
  • Bolivia.
  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • Chile.
  • Colombia.
  • Ecuador.
  • Guyana.
  • Laos.
  • Malaysia.
  • Paraguay.
  • Peru.
  • The Philippines.
  • Singapore.
  • Suriname.
  • Thailand.
  • The United States.
  • Uruguay.
  • Vietnam.

Users within the above location are going to be ready to use the Facebook dating app. The team remains performing on making it globally.

Set Up Facebook Dating Profile

Setting up a dating profile on the feature is straightforward and fast. to line an update, you would like the new updated version of Facebook on iOS or Android. The dating app tab will appear within the main menu. Then head to opt into Facebook Dating to make your dating profile.

On the shape, fill out your personal information like height, religion, job title, degrees, and education, have children or not, etc. The service might suggest a couple of pictures from your Facebook profile. The profile is going to be created.

How Do I Add or Remove a Secret Crush?

On the Dating on Facebook App US, users can add up t nine friends from Instagram or Facebook as a Secret Crush. Once you add someone as a Secret Crush, they’re going to be notified that somebody features a crush on them.

Your name is going to be revealed if you both have a crush on one another, but only you’ll view your crushes. you’ll add or remove a crush follow the guides below;

  • Tap on the menu tab then “Dating”.
  • Scroll down and choose “Go to Secret Crush”.
  • Then tap on “Got It”.
  • Tap on the + and look for a Friend’s name.

The person is going to be added.

To Remove

  • Follow steps and two on the above instructions.
  • Then tap on the person you would like to get rid of.
  • Tap on “Remove Crush”.

The person is going to be removed.


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