So many people out there are currently in search of Dating Sites Reviews on Facebook. Most people have come across this online dating service within this social media app. however, this bothering question has been lingering within their minds. What could this question be? Is Facebook dating good or terrible? And if you are just part of those who currently ask this question, then you should read through this article for real-time details.

Dating Sites Reviews Facebook


Dating Sites Reviews Facebook

Since the year 2004, people have used Facebook to connect and keep in touch with each other. So many actually expected a dating service to come up within this social app. However, it took a very long while for the CEO of Facebook to turn these rumours into reality. In 2018, the “Facebook Dating App” surfaced within the main Facebook app itself.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, termed this online dating feature to be a tool for building real-time and long-term relationships. This means that this feature is much more than just for hookups. This would also design the safety and privacy of every user within the dating home.

Since its launch, what has really been happening? The CEO of this social media giant, Facebook, recently announced that about 200 million people have themselves as singles in this dating home. This tells you that so many expect something effective! You shouldn’t miss out on this too! Join the team and build real-time relationships with other singles who may also be interested in you.

Facebook Dating Site

This online dating feature on Facebook is known as the Facebook Dating App. However, you should note that the fact it is called a dating app does not mean it is a standalone app. It is just a feature that exists within the main Facebook app just like other features. It is a dating home currently used by millions of singles who make new friends, share their life moments, and even date!

Are you single? Do you want to make new friends and share your life moments? Are you in search of a real-time life partner? Who knows, you could match with a single who would find interest in you. So, you waste no time, as people are out there connecting and loving.

Still on the Dating Sites Reviews Facebook, what has your conclusion come to be? Is this dating site good for you or do you see it as terrible? Well, we definitely will not come to a conclusion for you. What we do is provide you with every detail of the service. From here, you get to decide if it fits your use or not.

Is Facebook Dating Safe

Facebook has come into the dating game and so many are still surprised about this. Now, most of these people keep looking for Dating Sites Reviews Facebook. Why is this? They do want to find out if this service is safe for use or not. Well, this all depends on you. You actually get to access the service and find out if it fits your use or not.

Well, after the launch of the service, the CEO of Facebook assured the safety and privacy of users of the service. One major part of safety is that all the activities you carry out within the dating home don’t reflect within your main Facebook profile. This means that your friends will never get to know you are there if they are not.

The dating profile that you create is separate from the Facebook profile you already have. With this, all your activities are kept right within the dating home.

Facebook Dating 2020/2021

Have you gone through the Dating Sites Reviews Facebook above? Are you set to make use of Facebook dating in 2020/2021? It is absolutely easy for you to do so. As long as you have got your Facebook dating profile, you are just good to go.

This profile works just like your normal Facebook profile. How? Using your dating profile in the dating home, you can match with other singles, send and receive private conversations, share your life moments, make use of romantic features, and engage in other activities within the dating home.

However, you should note that this service is not available to everyone yet. At the moment, it is available in 20 countries and only Facebook users in these locations can make use of it. So, if you want to check out this feature or activate it for use, check the next part of this article. You will get the steps to find this feature within the Facebook app and create your dating profile.

Facebook Dating Profile

Let’s check the steps to help you get a dating profile for this dating service on Facebook.

  • On your Facebook app, log into your account.
  • On this account, go to your profile.
  • At the top of the profile section, tap on the heart icon. You can also find it by going to the menu part of the app, scroll through to tap on “Dating.
  • Have you found it? Click on it and provide your details.
  • What details? Gender, location, interests, and a photo of yourself.
  • Confirm the process.

This will take you into the dating home, where you have to match with a single that you find interest in.


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