17 December Birthday Gift to Buy For Your Son In 2023. Is your son’s birthday fast approaching? Are you confused about the birthday present to get for him on his special day? You don’t have to be confused anymore, discover the best gift ideas to get for your son today.

17 December Birthday Gift To Buy For Your Son In 2023

17 December Birthday Gift To Buy For Your Son In 2023

Below is a list of amazing birthday gifts you can get for your son;

Customized Wall Clock Gift

The gift idea of a wall clock printed with his name and year of birth is worth a try. Whenever he looks at the clocks he will surely remember you and appreciate you.

A Hug From Me Mug

This is one of the meaningful birthday presents for your beloved son on his birthday. However, with a clear and bright printed image, the context “This mug is a hug” will make them feel heartwarming a lot!

This item is very sturdy and thick and can hold up to extreme cold or hot drinks/beverages. Get this mug to enjoy drinking a sip of coffee or tea every morning while thinking about you!

Robotics Catapult

If you have the type of son who likes to take things apart and then try to put them back together, a robotic catapult Will be a good gift for him. This mechanical catapult will challenge your son to build a machine that runs on potential and kinetic energy.

TrueBalance Coordination Game

This is one of the best December Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Son. The game is perfect for all ages as it will allow your son to be able to develop hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor and sensory skills. Also, the game will help your son to focus and concentrate.

Marvin’s Magic – A Fifty Greatest Card Tricks Set

This card tricks set will be good for your son especially if he loves magic. With these cards, your son will be able to amaze his friends and family members with his magic skills. However, with the help of the fifty techniques that come with the trick set, he will be able to perform several magic tricks.

A Tabletop Electric Drum Set

A Tabletop electric drum set is another good gift idea for your son, especially if he loves playing the drums and also loves music. With this item, he can try his hand at drumming and also for him to improve his skill. However, the electric game set also comes with headphones output to help keep down the noise.

162-piece Deluxe Mega Wood Box Art Painting and Drawing Set

For the child who is always drawing on any surface, this painting and drawing set will help your son hone his talent as an artist. The painting and drawing set comes with all that he will need to complete his masterpieces such as pencils, crayons, and of course paint.

An Eclipse Floor Rocker

This item is best for the gaming boys and it comes with a headrest-mounted speaker and will give your son the gaming experience he desires. One of its outstanding features is that it is designed to rock and recline so your son can stretch when playing his games.

Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4

By getting this for your son, he would be able to play laser tag wherever he wants, be it outdoors or indoors and he can invite his friends over for a game. Also, the entire family can decide to play together to have a bonding experience.

A Drone

A drone is another fantastic gift you can buy for your son on his birthday. The item is a gift that is for all ages, there are drones for kids and also drones for an adult. However, if your son loves tech this is a great gift to get him for his birthday.

Hover Shot – Orblitz Floating Ball Shooting Game

This is a perfect gift that will help improve your son’s hand and eye coordination. This item comes with five floating targets and a plastic gun and bullets to shoot the target. Additionally, it comes with a glow-in-the-dark feature.

A Glow in the Dark Basketball

This item would be perfect if your son is a basketball fan. With this ball, he can play till the late hours of the night on the family basketball court. The basketball has preinstalled batteries and LED lights to make playing basketball fun.

A Table Tennis

Table tennis is another fun game for the boy who loves to play table tennis. The fun thing about this gift item is that he can take it with him anywhere he is going. And if he is visiting a friend he can take it along with him and they can have a game of table tennis another thing is that they can use any tablet to play.

Great Birthday Zodiac Sign and Name Printed Night Light

This is a truly personal birthday gift idea. The night light is a good way to celebrate a special occasion with a meaningful message and name engraved on a clear glass plaque. Also, with a custom name, this night light can be personalized with a birth date, zodiac sign, and special personality.

Personalized Luxury Men’s Watch With Led For Birthday

Our To Our Son We Pray You Will Always Be Safe Men’s Watch is a gift to remind him of what he means to us and to help him remember to keep himself safe. He will appreciate the timepiece, especially when he sees his face staring back at him.


A camera will put a smile on your son’s face, most especially if he is a picture freak. This is a gift that will be perfect for your son no matter how old he is, except if he is still a baby. Moreover, you can get a kid’s camera for your little boy or your adult son so that he can make memories and test out his photography skills.

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition

You can get this item for your son for his birthday. This edition is based on the famous Fortnite video game and it will surely get his attention. However, the Monopoly game features locations and players from video games.

What can I Buy for my Son as a Birthday Gift?

Here are the Best Birthday Gifts For your Son That’ll Make Her Smile

  • A Blanket Gift.
  • Personalized Round Wooden Sign.
  • Great Birthday Zodiac Sign and Name Printed Night Light.
  • Personalized Luxury Men’s Watch With Led For Birthday.
  • Shoes
  • Customized Wall Clock Gift for Him.
  • A Hug From Me Mug.
  • Night Map Birthday Gift For Your Children.
  • Clothing
  • Cap

What Surprises I can Give my Son on his Birthday?

Here are Ways To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Extra Special

  • Fill your birthday kid’s bedroom with balloons as they sleep.
  • You can also surprise him with a “balloon avalanche.
  • Write a birthday message on his bathroom mirror.
  • Tell your kid the story of their birth.
  • Turn his bath into a party.
  • Take him out

What is the Best Gift for a Birthday Boy?

Best Birthday Gifts Ideas for Boys and Men –

Birthday Gifts: Watches, Soft Toys, Wallets, Handbags Perfumes, T-Shirts

Birthday Cakes: Chocolate, Black Forest, Butterscotch, Strawberry Cakes

Birthday Flowers: Roses, Lilies, Orchids, Carnations, Bouquets

What is the Best Gift you can Give to your Child?

Helping your child develop this compassionate self-knowledge is the greatest gift you can give to him. Self-knowledge is what allows your child to hold onto a sense of being good even when they are not at their best, so they can afford to recognize their weaknesses and learn from their mistakes.



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