Delete Facebook Account 2021. You can Delete Facebook Account 2021 with the guidelines that will be given in this article. Are you looking for genuine process am\nd ways to delete your FB account from the platform? Are you tired of using Facebook and you really want to delete your account?

Delete Facebook Account 2021 - How to Delete Facebook Account | Delete my Facebook Account

Deleting your Fb account is not a bad decision at all. What is that one that wishes to delete his or her account should get the full list of what and what will happen to the account after deleting it permanently?


You are the sole manager of your Facebook account. Just as you took the decision to create an FB account, you also can delete that same account without any obstruction from anybody, not even the Facebook company itself.

Delete Facebook Account 2021

Your FB account is your potential property that you can decide what to do with it as long as it is in line with the company terms and conditions. If you are having personal issues that require you to delete your personal account,  you are very free to do so.

When your Facebook account is deleted from the FB platform you will not be able to reactivate your account again. Everything about your FB profile will be lost permanently including your photos, post videos, and others.

If you don’t want your account to be removed from the giant social media platform, then deactivation of the account will be the best option for you. This is because your absence in the timeline is only for a particular period after which you can reactivate your account back.

How To Delete Facebook Account

Deleting your FB account is a permanent deactivation of your account on the FB platform. It is the same thing as not having a Facebook Account because you longer have an account with the platform.

In case you decide to use the platform again at any time in the feature, you will be required to create a new account just like every other new user. There is always an option to deactivate any FB account temporarily to avoid the future doom that you may experience after deleting your present account.

You have the option to also download any vital information from your FB account like your favorite photos that you once used as cover and profile photos, and some of your posts that you really cherish so much. To permanently  delete your account follow the steps below;

  • Locate the triangle up-side-down icon at the top right side of your profile page
  • From the list displayed, select setting and privacy
  • You will be redirected automatically to another list. Select setting
  • From there click on your  FB  information in the left column
  • Click on deactivation and deletion
  • Select permanently delete the account then click continue  to account  deletion
  • Lastly, click delete account.

To confirm that you really want to delete your  Facebook account permanently, enter your password and click continue to complete the process. Note that the cancellation process of deleted accounts is only possible within 30 days.

How to Recover Your Deleted Facebook Account

Any Facebook account that is deleted is on the permanent deletion and as such your information on that Facebook account is no longer accessible to you anymore.  The truth is that there is nothing you will do to bring them back.

The only chance you have is within 30 days in case you change your mind. As long as it is within 30days you can see the date that  FB company plans to permanently delete your account with a cancel deletion button. Click the cancellation button to stop the process and keep your data.

If 30 days have passed since you obtained the deletion of the account, upon signing in you will see an error when you try to sign in and you will not be able to restore your account and the information on it.


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