If you’re feeling you’ve had enough of Facebook, you’ll simply deactivate the account for a brief time. Delete Facebook Temporarily is the method of deactivating your account. You know, there are times you’re feeling very uninterested in Facebook and just wish you’ll make the account inactive for a brief time.

Delete Facebook Temporarily - Facebook Account Delete | How to Delete Facebook Account

Well, you’ll make the account inactive by deactivating the account or deleting it. Deactivation on Facebook is for people who aren’t able to leave the platform completely. When deactivating your account, users won’t be able to see your timeline or search for you.

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But some information like messages goes to be visible and activated. That’s to say, you’ll still use Messenger if you’d wish to.

Delete Facebook Temporarily

Facebook Delete is the method of deleting your Facebook account from the platform temporarily (deactivating) or permanently. There was a time, I got tired of using my Facebook account, and I deleted the account completely.

Deactivation or deleting your account is simple. once you delete your permanent, it means you’re removing your information from the platform completely. While deactivating is temporary, like taking a vacation from it a couple of times.

What Happens Once you Deactivate Facebook?

Once you’ve made up your mind to supply Facebook space, deactivating your account is simple and fast. once you deactivate your account, your users won’t be able to see your timeline until you reactivate it. When your account on Facebook is deactivated;

  • No one goes to be able to look you up using your username.
  • Most of your information will still be available like your messages with friends.
  • You still have the prospect for other users or friends to ascertain your name in their friend list.
  • Facebook group admins should be able to see your posts and comments during a gaggle alongside your name.

If you decide to travel away together with your messenger account active once you deactivate, it’ll remain active. Delete Facebook temporarily is usually done using the app or the website which both involve the same process.

Deactivating Facebook Account

As I said earlier, deactivating your Facebook account is simple and fast. But it can only be done once you’re signed in to the profile. You will be able to check your account using the Facebook app or website. To log in o Facebook;

  • Open the Facebook app or access your browser and tap on facebook.com.
  • Enter your login details; mobile number or email address and password.
  • Tap on login.

The profile goes to be loaded on the device immediately and you will deactivate it by tapping on the Menu tab.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account

You can easily deactivate your account and reactivate it whenever you’re feeling you would like. You can use the mobile app or website. To deactivate your Facebook account;

  • On your Facebook homepage, you’ll tap on the Menu tab.
  • Click on “Settings”, then “Your Facebook Information” which is on the left side of the settings page.
  • Also, hit on “Deactivation and Deletion”.
  • Tap on “Deactivation and Deletion” then “Continue to Account Deactivation”.
  • Type within the account password when required.

The account goes to be deactivated and Facebook will log you out.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account Mobile

As I said earlier, you’ll deactivate the account on the web or mobile app. The above process is thanks to deactivating the web. So, here’s the thanks for deleting Facebook temporarily on mobile;

  • Tap on the “Menu” tab at the lowest or top right.
  • Then navigate or scroll down and tap on “Settings & Privacy”, and tap on “Settings”.
  • Tap on the “Account Ownership and Control” > “Deactivate and Deletion” option to proceed.

Select “Continue to Account Deactivation” and follow the on-screen instructions which may be shown to commence.

Input Your Password When Asked

Immediately your account is going to be logged out from the platform. And it means the account has been deactivated successfully. If you’d wish to reactivate the account again, you’ll do that by logging in to your account alongside your login details.


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