The Delta State Bursary and Scholarship Board have made it known to the general public the need for a better education. The DSBSB has provided a scholarship program for undergraduate students who want to achieve academic excellence in their educational careers.

Delta State Bursary and Scholarship Board: Eligibility Criteria for the Bursary and Scholarship Board, Application for DSBSB

All interested applicants who want to apply should hurry because the DSBSB will help those that would be selected for the scholarship program to fulfill their educational dream.

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Delta State Bursary and Scholarship Board

The DSBSB is a yearly bursary and scholarship program in Delta State for all undergraduates in any College of Education, Polytechnics, and university to apply for the program.

The purpose of the bursary and scholarship program is to further redirect the focus of students and seriousness into the students to work hard to merit this award. The scheme is for students already in any recognized public higher institution in Nigeria on regular programs.

The Students Special Assistance Scheme (SSAS) is popularly known as the Bursary Award Program. The SSAS was introduced and approved in 2004 by the State Government to replace the popular bursary regime.  The board is responsible for different things.

Responsibility of the DSBSB

There is different responsibility of the board and they are as follows below:

  • They are in charge of formulating and implementing policies on scholarship and bursary.
  • They do maintenance of the database of Delta State student’s higher learning.
  • Monitor the time progress of recipients.
  • They are responsible for matters relating to the selection of suitable candidates.
  • They act as the middleman between the State, institutions, and students.

Structure of the Delta State Bursary and Scholarship Board

The board has two structured departments and they are as follows below

  • Administration and Finance.
  • Planning Research and Statistics (PRS).

Eligibility Criteria for the Bursary and Scholarship Board

Students must meet the eligibility criteria before they can apply for the DSBSB program. Below is the list of eligible criteria:

  • Applicants must be 18 years and above.
  • Applicant must provide their JAMB registration number.
  • Candidates must be from Delta State.
  • Students must be registered in any of the Public Tertiary Institution.
  • Candidates who must be in ND2, HND1, and HND2 in the Polytechnics / Mon-technics can apply.
  • Students in there 200 and above in the University can apply.
  • All students from the approved public and private-owned schools can apply.
  • Candidates must make sure their GPA meets the point made by Board 2.20.

Deadline for the DSBSB

The deadline for the Delta State bursary and scholarship program is 30th April 2021, which to tell you is over.

How to Apply for the DSBSB

Applying for the scholarship program is as easy. If you want to apply please follow the process below which am going to show you:

  • Applicants are to log on to the DSBSB portal
  • You are to fill the application form that will appear on your screen and submit the form online when you are done with filling out the form.
  • You are to pay for the online processing fee of ₦800 and it will be charged using your debit card.
  • After the payment, you are to log in to your profile page to complete your details by providing your Bank details and your Academics details.
  • Applicants are to download and print the online Acknowledgement Card after sending scan copy to [email protected].

NOTE: Students with multiple applications will be automatically being disqualified. Candidates are to apply once for the program. I hope with this article you will be able to apply for the Delta State bursary and scholarship board. Thanks for your time.


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