Denmark’s New Visa Program Welcomes Engineers Mechanics Welders and More. Denmark has recently initiated the acceptance of visa applications from both skilled and unskilled foreign workers, with professions such as teachers, welders, mechanics, and various others all included.

Denmark's New Visa Program Welcomes Engineers Mechanics Welders and More

Denmark’s New Visa Program Welcomes Engineers Mechanics Welders and More

The country is currently facing a shortage of labor across diverse sectors, so the authorities have introduced this visa scheme to attract foreign workers and address the existing job vacancies. The Positive List, designed by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), now comprises 110 job openings.

Of these, 72 fall under the Positive List for People with Higher Education, while 38 are categorized under the Positive List for Skilled Work.

Effective January 1, 2024, the updated Positive Lists for graduates and skilled workers will facilitate visa applications. The Positive List for Higher Education encompasses 72 job titles, with notable additions such as military officers, heads of logistics and product management, biologists, mechanical and environmental engineers, quality engineers, business intelligence managers, specialist consultants, marketing and IT professionals, web developers, legal counsel, and communication consultants.

Conversely, the Positive List for Skilled Work comprises 38 job titles, with roles like plumbers, technical designers, sales consultants, human resources assistants, bricklayers, welders, bodywork metal workers, shipbuilders, service technicians specializing in iron and metal, and industrial mechanics all on the list.

The list has seen certain removals, including blacksmiths, automatic technical technicians, electronics technicians, and telecommunications technicians.

This initiative aims to bridge the labor gap in Denmark and invites skilled professionals to contribute to the country’s workforce, fostering collaboration and meeting critical employment needs.


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