There is a partial annual open scholarship programme for High School Students in the United States of America (USA). This scholarship programme is hosted in the USA to broaden students’ education.

Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund

The Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund will be directing their students to an institution where he or they can get to study any of the courses or fields of study available to the Burnsville High School.

It is an awarded scholarship programme that will benefit the candidates with a grant amount. If you are a graduating student of the High School, then you shouldn’t miss out as you are to immediately submit the application form on or before the 1st of May, 2022. If you are leaving in the USA, you can get involved by reading more about it as an applicant while parents or guardians can get to introduce this to their children or friends.


Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund

The Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund is a host for the scholarship programme for both teachers and students. There is an amount of about $1,000 to be awarded to selected teachers while about $2,000 is to be awarded to the students. If you are a citizen of the United States of America, then you should opt into the scholarship programme as it runs every year.

The selected students and applicants are to study any course in the Burnsville High School which is a public four-year school located in Burnsville, Minnesota, United States. The school have every tool and equipment that any student will desire to build up their educational and social lifestyle; Imagine studying in such an environment. There is more you should know about the scholarship programme so you should read more in this article.

About the Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund

The Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund is an open scholarship for U.S. school students. The scholarship programme allows high secondary school level program(s) in all fields of study taught at Burnsville High School. Applicants can opt into applying for the scholarship programme anytime as it is open all year.

Brief Description

  • Host Country: United States of America (USA).
  • Funding: Partial.
  • Host Institution: Burnsville High School.
  • Eligible Nationality: USA Citizens.
  • Study Level for Scholarship: High School.
  • Scholarship Award: There is an award of about $2,000 t be granted to a total of 8 students graduating from this year’s scholarship programme.

Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund Eligible Criteria

The eligible criteria for the Hanson Scholarship Fund programme are briefly explained.

  • Applicants for the scholarship programme should be active in any extracurricular activities in their school and/or community and church environment.
  • The applicants must be High School seniors in their graduating year at the year of applying for the Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund programme.

With the above criteria met by the applicants, he/she is ready to apply for the scholarship programme. This application procedure varies depending on the school of the applicants. You can visit the Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund website for more information based on this programme.

Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund Application

Candidates who are interested in the Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund programme are encouraged to meet their school counsellor to complete the scholarship application form(s). Different schools have their own unique application process and often modify the attached student template offered by this committee.

For easy location follow the below steps to locate the application page of the Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund:

  • Launch the web browser.
  • Enter the URL to go to the programme page.
  • Go to the left section of the page and click on “APPLICATIONS”.
  • Click on “*Students” from the drop side lists.

This will take you to the page where you can get the application form to be downloaded. Remember this form is to be filed and submitted to your school counsellor for further guidelines on the scholarship programme.

Here are the application forms to be submitted to your school counsellor:

Note: Applicants should submit the application form to their school counsellor on or before May 1st each year. As said earlier, the scholarship runs every year. So be active as to get set for the next year’s Scholarship Fund programme after you’ve missed a year’s programme.

Supporting Documents

Applicants are expected to write a short essay attached to the application form expressing their career objectives concerning teaching and how they plan to achieve them. This letter should include what this scholarship award means to the applicant.

Also, applicants are to attach along with the application form two (2) recommendation letters (at least one from their teacher).

Please visit the Hanson Scholarship Fund (Benefiting Students and Teachers) Website to get more information about the scholarship programme. Here is the URL to the website:

Dick Hanson Scholarship Fund Deadline

Applicants are to download the application form which should be filled out and submitted on or before the 1st of May every year. This form is to be submitted to their school counsellor as each school has its own different application method and procedures. This means that you can apply for this scholarship every year.



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