Different Chargers for Android Devices. As you can see, too many questions online here to be answered, any devices you purchase from the market come with their own charger.—smartphone, tablet or laptop-seem to come with its own charger.

Different Charger for Android Devices

Different Chargers for Android Devices

Do you really need it?  Different cable and charger? We are going to list a few chargers for our devices. We still have a variety of different charger types in wide use

Land Charger

To your greatest surprise, there are still no standard types of chargers for laptops. You will want to get the best charger or design for your laptop. so you will not probably be able to plug the wrong charger into your laptop. With the direction of USB Types-C (outline below)

Apple’s Lightning Connector

Most proper Apple has introduced 2012, for their mobile devices the new iOS devices uses the lightning connector and can be connected to any lightning charger certified or developed by apple.

Apple doesn’t allow any other charger device apart from the Apple 30-pin dock connector. Apple makes a connection that allows you to connect to a new device with a lightning connection to the older charger with a 30-pin dock connector.

USB Type-C

It has effectively placed micro-USB on most new devices outside of Apple Devices and even started to show up as a standard charger solution on many laptops. Is unlike the predecessor, it is reversible and it can plug up and down it has become the new standard for mobile devices.

Understanding Volts, Amps, and Watts.

To understand volts and Amps and watts you need to understand the compatibility, you need to know how it works. There are different variety of ways of breaking down volts, amps and watts.

You can remember. Back in the day, you see most chargers like the mobile charger comes in two different varieties 5V/2.1A and 5V/2.1A. The smaller was built mainly for smartphones and larger ones for tablets. As you can see in this model word any phone charger can be used for any kind of smartphone.

Can Any Charger Be Used with Any Device?

Can any charger be used for a kind of device? Let say you are using an old 5V/1A charger on a brand. When you use another charger for another device or phone it charges slow. it causes damage to the phone unknown to you. Most modern charger smartphones can accept much faster chargers than doe’s chargers that charge slow.

A laptop charger is often a different one. USB-C  is the best and first technology that allows high charging laptop batteries; you may have a new laptop charger through USB instead of a proprietary power cable. On the other hand, you can use your USB charger to juice up your smartphone. Now you can differentiate between Laptop chargers and smartphone chargers how they work.


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