Where are my pizza lovers? I bet you haven’t tried Domino’s Pizza yet, Wow it’s yummy! Well if you are looking for a tasty and quality pizza, try Domino’s pizza. Domino’s Pizza is the most sought-after pizza delivery service in Nigeria and one of the biggest food delivery industries.

After their launching in Nigeria, the dominos company has been strongly keeping to its mission, which offers delicious tasty pizza made from quality and standard ingredients. In addition, the company also engages in the delivery of a wide range of other offerings such as chicken kickers, desserts, chicken suya, cheesy bread, potato wedges, and even drinks like Coca-Cola.

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Domino’s Pizza

Dominions Pizza aims to be the number one in the whole of Africa. It was carved out of Eat N Go with the sole purpose of bringing cold Domino pizza to Nigeria. Its first store was opened in 2012 and up to date, it has not disappointed Nigerians an offering the very best of treats.

Domino Pizza currently has about 42 outlets in Nigeria, with 22 located in Lagos, and 6 outlets in Abuja, and the rest of the outlets are practically in some other parts of Nigeria. In case you are in need of a special treat, well search no more order now from Domino’s Pizza.

About Pizza

Pizza is a very popular food around the world which consists mainly of a flattened bread dough spread with a various mix of ingredients which includes cheese, tomato sauce with a blend of other toppings, to give it a savoury taste. It is a jolly dish that is mostly shared among loved ones.

Pizza is a perfect dish for every occasion, like a birthday celebration in a restaurant or a perfect date, and even lunch delivery for the business. Don’t be left out try Domino’s Pizza, as they are presently the leading pizza restaurant in Nigeria, with a standard pizza delivery service that cannot be beaten anywhere in Nigeria.

Best Domino’s Pizza flavour in Nigeria

Are you confused about what kind of pizza, you would like, check the list below;

  • Pepperoni supreme pizza
  • Veggie supreme pizza
  • BBQ chicken pizza
  • Meat pie pizza
  • Chicken supreme pizza
  • Chicken suya pizza
  • Deluxe Pizza
  • Southern-style BBQ chicken pizza
  • Beef suya pizza
  • Smoked BBQ pizza
  • Bali Sweet N hot pizza
  • Italian meatball pizza
  • Pepe meatball pizza
  • Chicken pie pizza
  • Chicken Pizza
  • Extravaganza pizza
  • Meatzza pizza
  • Half and half pizza
  • Margarita pizza

Dominion Pizza brings pizza in different flavours and sizes, but they have different price rates, depending on the one you wish to buy. You can click this site for more information on the domino’s pizza in Nigeria.


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