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“Download Google App” is the phrase we would be talking about here. Before we begin, I want you to know that there are tons of Google apps on the Google play store. These apps are provided by Google to help you out. It does not matter the kind of device you are using, you still need some of these apps. For instance, when using an android device, you would need Google plays services for your device to function properly.

Download Google App - Google App Categories | List of Google Apps

Download Google App

Google apps are one of the most relevant apps you can find on any android device. Most of these apps allow you to back up your application data to the cloud. When your data is backed up to the cloud, you could easily access it anywhere. If you must know there are tons of Google apps out there and we would be talking about all of them.

Google App Categories

There are different categories that Google apps are classified into. These categories include productivity apps, Google drive apps, Geography apps, social apps, and many more. These categories also define the main purpose of the app. For instance, if an app is in the category of geography, it means it could be used for geographical purposes. Some such apps include Google maps.

List of Google Apps

In this article, I would be showing you some of the lists of Google apps. These lists would be divided into categories. Here is the list;

Productivity Apps

Google Drive Apps

Social Apps

Geography Apps

Virtual Reality & 360

YouTube Apps

Google Play Apps

Photography Apps


Chromecast Apps


Google Home

Other Apps

Business and Development Apps

That is a complete list of all the Google apps.

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