Download Google my Business Mobile App to promote your business and services. There are large numbers of people out there that search for your kind of business, with this service you can make your business unique and turn those searches into your customers.

Download Google my Business Mobile App

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Are you a business starter that is sick and tired of business dullness?  Why not try GMB, make a profile listing for free and connect with millions of customers over Google search and watch how your business will change level.

Download Google my Business Mobile App

Downloading the GMB application is the best thing that can happen to every business. It is free to use and also free to download. So to get this mobile app, proceed to the google play store or App Store to get the app. The app is user friendly; you don’t need to find anybody to teach you how to use it

Google My Business latest App

GMB app is a free application that helps users to control their business. With this app, you can determine the way your business appears on the platform.

The app works like other social networks works. Google my business platform is supposed to be a living breathing extension for your business. It has a simple interface; you can easily add photos, post status and also reply to reviews.  To find the app you must visit the app marketplace.

Features of this App

  • The customer button, lets you see your followers, reply to reviews and also message your customers.
  • You can share the uniqueness of your business, post pictures, and also create catchy and excellent offers.
  • The app has a notification feature. It notifies you to enable you to know when someone has an interest in the service or business you offer.
  • The edit tab enables you to make changes to your business profile.
  • Right on the home tab, you can see the level of your customers’ interactions with your business profile.
  • Users can manage or control more than one location from a dashboard and also invite pros to manage your listing.

How to Download Google My Business App

With the application on your iOS device, you can help your but outstanding using picture, manage your business profile on Google, and attract customers by posting upcoming events, deals and special offers, and many more.


So to get this very app on your iPhone/iPad the guide below will put you through.

  • Get your iPhone/iPad device
  • Click on the home button to access the apps section
  • From the menu, find the “Apple App Store icon and launch it.
  • Within the app store, look for the search icon, when you find it, navigate and search for the “Google my business” app.
  • Click on the get button next to the app and the will install successfully on your iOS device.

Android Device

  • Get this amazing business application on your Android device with the following procedures
  • Go to your Android device menu and click the “play store” icon.
  • Go to the search field and input “Google my business”
  • Search for it. When the result page pops up, click on the app to access its details.
  • Then click on install and you a good to go.

Does Google My Business have a mobile app?

Yes, Google My Business used to have a mobile app that allowed users to manage their business information, respond to reviews, and access insights and analytics. However, as of May 2021, Google has discontinued the Google My Business app, and users are now encouraged to use the Google Maps app and Google Search to keep their Business Profile up-to-date.

There may still be some third-party apps available for managing Google My Business listings, but it’s always a good idea to verify the legitimacy and security of any third-party apps before using them to manage your business account.

Where is Google My Business app?

As of May 2021, Google has discontinued the Google My Business app. The app used to be available in the Google Play Store for Android devices and in the App Store for iOS devices. However, users are now encouraged to use the Google Maps app and Google Search to manage their Business Profile on Google.


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