What is download music mp3 free? When it comes to the matter of downloading music or songs online, it is always confusing. Well, it might still be confusing to you when you haven’t gotten ahold of the topic. Personally, I have gotten a hold on the topic and therefore I am not confused anymore.

The topic of downloading songs online is very straightforward and basic. I mean anyone; just anyone can download songs online but is it everyone that has got this knowledge? Well, there are some persons that may be equipped with this very knowledge, but do they know how to go about it or put the knowledge to the test?

Here is another good question you need to ask. For educational and clarity purposes I have put this content together. In this article, I will be shortlisting some sites where you can easily download songs on.

Download Music Mp3 Free

Download Music Mp3 Free

Do you know that there are more than a thousand websites and platforms online where you can download free music mp3 from? Yes, this is true, and just as  I have established already in this article, not many persons know about this. Luckily for you, you are reading this article. In this article, I will be making a list of some of the sites online where you can download your favorite songs for free.

Well, I will be straight with you on this one. Not all sites and platform online provides songs for free download. There are some sites that make you subscribe or pay before you can download your favorite songs.

But as there are platforms that offer songs for download for a fee, there are also websites that offer songs for download for free and it is that simple and straightforward. I know of many of these platforms and in a bit, I will be making public knowledge and no longer private knowledge.

Best Free Music Download Sites

After providing the list of some of the best free platforms from which you can download free songs, you will be amazed. The problem is that you never knew where to look to find out these platforms. With this article, you will now be looking at the right directions when it comes to downloading songs. Continue reading to find the best platform online to satisfy your mp3 download cravings. Below are some of the platforms where you can download songs for free;

Jamendo Music

This platform has been offering songs for free download for a long time now and if you don’t know about it I will be surprised. Downloading on these platforms is also free. But here is something about this platform you need to know about before you visit.  All the songs on this platform are independent songs. This means that if you are looking for a mainstream artist like Beyoncé, it just might be that you will not find her songs here.


SoundCloud is a paid platform. I know some persons will be raising their eyebrows already. But here is something you should know about the platform. The platform also offers free music, you just have to know how to find it and that’s it. The platform is basically for streaming. But there are some artists that allow free download of their songs. If an artist has enabled the free music download option, you will find it.

Amazon Music

Are you surprised about amazon music being on this list? If you are then you shouldn’t. this platform offers a boatload of songs for free. It even has a free music download section. This section on the platform is being updated regularly. The selection of songs on this amazon platform is pretty impressive as you will also get to see some big-name artists currently in the industry. Artists like chance the rapper and Carole king makes use of this platform to promote their songs.


This platform is a very unique one in the sense that it offers free downloads from artists’ websites. Signed, unsigned, independent, and everything music is found here for free. If a song is available for free download, this is the place to get it for free download.

If you have tried it out today, then you should. This platform is a very easy-to-use and navigates platform. You can search for songs by genre, artists, or by cart. Well, this platform is not all free as there are both paid and free content on it.


You probably might have heard of this platform. This music download site is one of the most popular platforms on the internet today. Whatever type of music you like, you are sure to get it here. It offers thousands of songs from both made and emerging artists.

This platform is very much like the SoundCloud platform. There is an option for free download and paid options. Currently, this platform only supports free streaming.

These are the top five free music download websites on the internet today. Other websites where you can download songs for free are;

To visit these websites, search for them up on Google and you will be provided with their direct links.


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