Do you need to find the steps on how to Download the Facebook Dating App? Well, if you are in search of the online dating feature within this social app, then you are just at the right destination.

Download the Facebook Dating App - Get Facebook Dating App | Download Facebook App

However, if you have never heard of this before, then you are lucky, as you will get all the right details you just need about the feature.

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Download the Facebook Dating App

If you have ever come across the word “Download the Facebook Dating App” but didn’t know what it meant, then you have just been missing out on so much fun. Facebook has always been a platform for connection. Currently, it is able to boast billions of active users on its website.

With this, you are sure to meet several different types of people out there. Who knows? You could also meet a single who is interested in dating just like you are. Just as there are so many online dating apps and sites out there, Facebook is now into the online dating business.

Singles are now able to connect with each other, get to know each other better, and even build up meaningful relationships. How do you begin? Quickly Download the Facebook Dating App and you are just good to go.

Facebook Dating Review

Facebook dating is an online dating feature situated right within the main Facebook app itself. So, the thing is, how does Download the Facebook Dating App work? It’s simple! This simply refers to downloading the main Facebook app into your device. That’s how it works! As long as you have the Facebook app with an active account, you are just good to go.

Furthermore, you should note that after downloading the Facebook app and creating an account, you must make sure the feature is available in your location. It is currently available in 20 countries and if you reside within any of these locations, you can use the feature right away.

What else do you need to know? You will also be prompted to set up a Facebook dating profile. This is a separate profile from your main Facebook profile. This will give you the chance to engage in private conversations with other singles.

Download Facebook App

Keeping up with your friends and family has never been easier and better. Here, you can share and receive real-time chat conversations, photos, videos, and engage with so many people out there. Stay connected to people and activities that are important to you.

There are so many features that are available to you on this app, which also include the use of this online dating feature. With this, you should know that Download the Facebook Dating App actually refers to downloading the main Facebook app. Once you get this app, you can proceed further to making use of the Facebook dating app.

  • On your smartphone, visit the Google play store/Apple app store.
  • In the search bar at the top of the page, type in and search for “Facebook”.
  • On the next page filled with search results, find and tap on the official Facebook app.
  • Next, click on “Install” or “GET”.

This will begin the download of the app to your device. You can now open the app and create your account.

How to Get Facebook Dating App

If you have the Facebook app with an active account, then you are just set to go. And if you are not sure if this feature is available in your location, then you can check through the steps you will find here.

  • Log into your account within the Facebook app.
  • On your account, go to your account profile.
  • You can also go to the menu section of the app. Here, you have to scroll through to select “Dating”.
  • Provide your details such as gender, location, interests, and a photo of yourself.
  • Confirm the profile.

This will take you further into the dating home where you have to match with singles, start up private conversations, and engage in fun activities.


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