Download Video From Twitter. Twitter is one of the most used applications in the world today. Everything about the application is amazing. Twitter is a platform whose contents appeal to different types of people.

Download Video From Twitter   

Chances are if you love any one of these spheres, politics, entertainment, news, motivation, tourism, education and so on, you are most likely to be glued to your Twitter app for more than two hours in a day. It will even be more awesome if you can download a video from Twitter.

Download Video From Twitter App          

The range or number of Twitter subscribers continue to increase each year. Even after restrictions in some nations, the numbers still increase. This means that you can get value from Twitter, no matter what type of person you are.

Can You Download Video From Twitter?

What happens when we get so much value from a particular place? We want to have the value for keeps, right? We prepare a storehouse to help keep the value we have found. That is the case with people who want to download videos from Twitter.

It is only natural to want to overcome the endless usage of data via streaming by downloading videos from Twitter. My write up will help you do that.

If you have been asking the question, ‘can I download videos from Twitter, the answer is yes, absolutely, you can. Right here, I’m going to be giving you various tips on this, so keep reading.

How To Download Video From Twitter

If you are reading this article, then you must have tried to save or download videos directly from the Twitter application and failed. Yes, you failed because you need some other third-party apps or tools to do is easy to download videos from Twitter. Below, I’ll show you how to achieve this goal with your computer, android device, and iPhone.

Download Twitter Videos to your Computer – Download Videos from Twitter App

To easily download videos from Twitter with your computer, you can use two different websites. These websites are or

The two websites work almost there the same way. All you have to do is to copy the link of the video from the Twitter website, paste it in the text fields on either of the two websites above and then click on download.

You will be given options of video qualities to choose from, do that and click on download. will also give you a Qr code to scan as an option.

Download Video From Twitter Android

For android users, you can also do the same with a phone application. I am very sure there are so many applications for that. But for the sake of this write-up, I am going to recommend just one of them for you. The name of this application is the download Twitter videos app. You can get it on the Play Store App or simply click this link to access it.

After installing the application from Play Store, open it and select your preferred settings. Choose download videos at the highest quality and automatically begin downloads when the video’s link is pasted on the application.

This way, you can download videos by copying the video’s link and pasting it in the text field of the app and then clicking download. You can now share the video to another app, save to your phone’s gallery or save it to the cloud.

iPhone owners can use Apple’s Shortcuts app

Apple’s Shortcuts app is a very powerful and useful tool to automate routine tasks or do more complex things, in this case, downloading videos from Twitter.

Before you can install the particular Shortcut that downloads videos, you’ll have to install Shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad.

To do that, you can click on this link.

After you have installed this. You can then open the Settings app on your phone or tablet and tap on Shortcuts in the list of the options given. Move the switch that is labelled Allow Untrusted Shortcuts to the On position. This extra step has to be taken in order to install user-created Shortcuts that aren’t listed in the Gallery section of the Shortcuts app.

With all of these done, open this link on either your iPhone or iPad, then click on Get Shortcut. The Shortcut app will then open, and show you everything that the task does. For so many people including myself, it’s a bunch of gibberish. After that, just scroll to the bottom on tap on the red button labelled Add Untrusted Shortcut.

Finally, when you have done all that, you can then save a Twitter Video to your Photos app with just a few taps. Do this, Open the Twitter app and then, navigate to the tweet that has the video you want to save. Click on the Share button, and then look for the Twitter Video Downloader V2.6 in the list of options, click on it.

The Shortcut will launch, and after a few seconds, you’ll be asked if you want your copy of the video to either be high, medium or low quality. choose your option, and then let the Shortcut do the rest of the work. Once it’s done, you will be able to find the saved video in your Photos app.

I believe my suggestions above will help you download Twitter videos easily. You can come back to this website for more important tips.


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