DStv Now App – What you need to Access DSTV Now

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DStv Now App happens to be one of the best improvements that they made on the platform. So far, DStv has been one of the best broadcast services in Africa, and they have always been making improvements to their platform.

DStv Now App

DStv Now has over 200 channels and offers top quality services that most Broadcast services would not give to you. With the DStv Now app, more interesting features have been introduced, and below, I would be giving you more on the DStv now app and how it works.

DStv Now is a service from multichoice that helps you have access to your Favorite shows online using your browsers on your desktop or your laptop, or with a mobile app on your tablet or on your smartphone. This app happens to be the Successor of the DStv Mobile, which used the DVB-H technology in other to broadcast select TV shows to compatible mobile phones.

Features of DStv Now App

The app has a lot of amazing features that you might not get from your DStv decoder. With the app, you get to stream live shows, watch and rewatch your favorite movies, and even catch-up on episodes that you have missed.

Unlike the previous DStv app that is only a few devices can access, the current DStv app can be accessed on any smartphone device. All that is required of you is a Fast 3G network and a device that can access the internet. The best part is that the DStv app does not require any extra subscription. Once you subscribe to a plan that is qualified, you can start enjoying the service without having to make any additional payment.

What you need to Access DSTV Now

What is required for you to make use of the DStv now the app is simple. I have stated some of the above, but below I would be stating them clearly for you.

  1. First what you need is valid a DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, or DStv Compact
  2. You require an internet Enabled PC, Mac, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, or any Smartphone or Tablet
  3. A browser that is supported or DStv Now app for Android or iOS.
  4. DSTV Connect ID
  5. Internet Connection which includes Broadband connection like Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G
  6. A data plan, it is best you make use of an unlimited data plan

How to Watch Live TV, Sports, Movies on DSTV Now

To watch live TV and more, just follow the steps stated below:

  • First, go to now.dstv.com using your browser or open the DStv Now App on your Android or iOS devices. Downloading the app can be used on the play store or apple store.
  • Log in using your DStv Connect ID. You would be required to create a DStv Connect ID the first time that you log in
  • Search for the TV show that you wish to watch. First, go to the Live TV section to see programs airing now on DStv. After that, catch up enables you to watch episodes of your favorite shows that you might have missed. You also get the option of visiting the TV Guide to see the upcoming shows and then set reminders on your shows that you wish to watch.
  • When you see a TV shows that you are looking forward to watching, click or tap it to get to the details page where you get to stream or download the show.

And with this, you can watch your Favorite show on the DStv Now App.

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