Need to learn a new language online? Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive. It is simple and free to use with a great interface that can be used by almost anyone. Duolingo allows you to learn more than 30 languages as you want. There are other language learning platforms or services that you can use for learning, but Duolingo is one of the best you would come across.


Learning with Duolingo is better, it is simple, free, and really effective for users. You can learn as a beginner using the platform for free. To use Duolingo on your smartphone, you have to download the mobile application into your device.



Use Duolingo to learn a new language. You can learn more about the platform using this link It is actually the world’s most downloaded education app to learn different languages. The platform is fun and free for learning more than 30 languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. You can use Duolingo to practice speaking, reading, listening, and also writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. The language learning platform and app is designed by language experts and loved by millions of learners all over the world.

Duolingo learning app, help you to prepare for real conversations in French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, English, and many others. It is an American platform that includes learning sites and apps. The service makes use of a freemium model; you can use both the app and site for free, however, it offers a premium service for a fee. As my discovery in Wikipedia, it says “As of 30 June 2020, the language learning website and app offers 95 language courses in 38 languages”.

Features of Duolingo

The platform mimics the structure of video games in several means to engage users. Duolingo features a reward system in which it users acquire lingout. Lingouts are in-game currency that they can use or spend on features such as character customizations or bonus levels. However, this is only available for mobile phone users. In the leaderboard for users, they can compete against their friends or see how they stack up against the rest of the world. On the platform, the level system it uses is XP; experience points. It is a numerical system that represents a user’s skill level.

Badges are also given to users. The badges represent achievements that are earned from completing specific objectives. Duolingo’s study process mobiles various methods such as listening to the pronunciation, reading sentences, voice recording, forming phrases by ordering words, and matching images to the words.

Duolingo App

Whether you wish to learn a new language for school, travel, career, friends, or even family relatives that are far from you, the app’s got you. The app makes learning better and faster. The app is actually more engaging to use than the website. Though, the web and app interface is almost the same. It is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices.

That means you can download and install it using any device you have. Duolingo app is fun and very effective and it can be used to track your progress. It was designed by language experts. Learning is better when you have people you can relate with or compete against, you can join the Duolingo community and connect with millions of other learners.

Duolingo App Download

To download and install the app on your device, make sure you have a good connection. Then open the App Store on your device and enter Duolingo. From the Duolingo search result, tap on the first one to load it’s information page. Tap on “Install” to download and install the application into your device immediately.

How to Register for Duolingo Learning

To use this platform for learning, you need to register for a profile. Registering or signing up for a profile is very simple, fast, and free to do. You can use the app or the website. To register for an account, follow the steps below;

  • Open the Duolingo app or use your browser and enter
  • Then select the language you’d like to learn.
  • Select your reason for learning and hit on “Continue”.
  • Choose your daily goal and tap Continue.
  • Then choose to Continue with Facebook or Continue with Google.

Immediately the profile will be created and set up and you start learning and discovering words in the language you want using the platform.

Duolingo Sign in

Signing in to the platform is as easy as learning with the platform. All that you need is your sign in details. To use the website for logging in, use this link or launch the app. Then enter your user details; email address and password. And hit on “Login” to get back into your account.

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