Easter Egg Hunt 2020 With Social Distancing – How To Play The Easter Hunt Game


Easter is fast approaching and with the COVID 19 pandemic still in play, how do we go about or celebrate and live our daily lives in this period? Normally, the Easter period is one that comes with lots of love, happiness, and sharing. This is the time where the kids get to know each other and participate in fun games such as the Easter egg hunt. Now with the coronavirus still very much around, what do we do?  This has led me to come up with this article, Easter egg hunt 2020 with social distancing.

Easter Egg Hunt 2020 With Social Distancing

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Easter Egg Hunt 2020 With Social Distancing

Do you know that many children all over the world where they practice Easter are always looking forward to the Easter period because of the Easter egg hunt game? Yes, this is true. But this is a game that is played with other people, kids to be exact. Now that social distancing has been enforced, how do we play this game? How do our kids get to play the game they love so much? One they have been looking forward to for a whole year.

Well, people all over the world who are familiar with this game have been coming in various ways and means to play this game even in self-isolation. But one thing that we should take seriously is the fact that a deadly virus is on a rampage. The world health organization has given us pieces of information on how this virus is carried, spread, its symptoms, how it can be prevented and how it possibly can be treated. One of the highlights of the preventive measure is avoiding social distancing and this rule directly goes against the Easter egg hunt game.

How To Play The Easter Hunt Game

This game is fun and loving, trust me. If you have played this game before then you should know what I mean. This is a game where decorated eggs or the famous Easter eggs are hidden for children to find. This game is more like a hide and seeks game. The types of eggs used in this game are real hard-boiled eggs, plastic eggs, or foil-wrapped eggs. This game can be played indoors, but it is more fun when played outdoors. Children collect eggs in a basket. And when this game is over prices may e handed to kids for various achievements during the game such as most eggs, big and small eggs and so much more.

One of the human characteristics is resilience. This is one of the things that make us human. Now in the light f this pandemic it is very important that we practice social distancing for our own safety and for the safety of our loved ones including our neighbors. A very creative idea was shared on the Easter egg hunt 2020 with social distancing group about how to play this game without having to go against the rules.

The idea goes thus. How about everyone on the group or with the idea of the Easter egg hunt game created various Easter egg crafts and hung them on their front doors? Cool, right? Parents, on the other hand, can now go about with their children, find and take as many pictures as they can with these crafts. This would be really cool. I mean it wouldn’t be as competitive and fun as the original game-play, but it is still something though.

How To Join The Facebook Easter Egg Hunt With Social Distancing Group On Facebook

Joining this group on Facebook is free and easy. But before you can join this group on Facebook, you need to be a registered user on the platform, in other words, you need to have a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, there is no way of joining this Facebook group. Creating a Facebook account is easy. To create a Facebook account,

  • Go to Facebook on your device.
  • Click on the’ create an account’ tab on the Facebook login page.
  • Enter your details in the spaces provided and click on the create account tab.

That’s all about creating an account on the platform. After creating your account you can now join this group. To join this group, go to https://web.facebook.com/worldwideegghunt/?_rdc=1&_rdr. Or follow the steps below.

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the search bar and enter ‘Easter egg hunt 2020 with social distancing’ in the search box and search.
  • Click on join from the search result.

That’s it.

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