Nowadays not everyone has the money to buy a brand new device whatsoever that you want to buy. But thankfully today there are lots of websites that are for people that do not want to buy a brand new device. For people that want to buy a used device one of the best and trusted places to do is through or I know that by now so many people already know about this website.

eBay com

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But that is not going to stop us from taking another dive into eBay and everything that you need to know today. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to bid and buy from, how to sell your user devices and so much more. If this sounds like what you are interested in then it’s high time we go ahead and jump into the details of what we came here for today.

eBay com – eBay Shopping Online is the website for the American most popular online auction and trading company launched by American entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar. This company was created and established in 1995 and it is the first website that is created to match buyers and sellers of goods and services. It has never been done before and when it came at that time it became an instant hit among users.

This company can also be considered as one of the few companies that take care of both sellers and buys of both small and large businesses. Because it is one of the leading e-commerce websites on the planet being used all over. The headquarters is in San Jose, California. Anybody that is interested in buying or selling can open an account with this website so that they can do that.

eBay is present all over the globe but the website is a little bit different from region to region according to rules and regulations. There are eBay websites for eBay USA and Canadian markets, most European countries, and several countries in Asia. All region’s eBay websites as slightly different but that does not mean that it is not the same website. Features

There are many features that the eBay website has to offer all you need to do is simply enjoy them by making use of them. These features are what make people use this website and keep coming back these features are listed below:

  • Search, Bid, Buy, or Make offers on unique items from around the world
  • List your items for sale in minutes (selling is not available in all countries)
  • Use the barcode scanner to find items, compare prices, or start a new listing
  • Get alerts about your eBay items and activity
  • Track your packages
  • Leave feedback
  • Read and respond to eBay messages
  • Save your favorite searches and sellers for quick access to the latest inventory
  • Revise your listings and manage your eBay business on the go (selling is not available in all countries)

These are not all the features though you can only get access to all these features when you simply start using the eBay platform today if you have not before. Sign up

To start making use of eBay whether you want to sell or buy the first step is to create an eBay account. However, you can also make use of eBay for bidding and buying without even having to create an account. But to ensure all these features that we have listed above you need to create an account. This is because signing up for an account makes it easy for you to buy and sell on the website.

After making a purchase from eBay you might also want to make a further purchase but if you do not have an account this can be difficult. One of the features listed above is the ability to save your shopping and billing address so that you don’t have to re-enter them anytime you want to shop. The good news is that creating an account is very easy and can be done with your phone or computer.

How to create an eBay Account – eBay Online

As I mentioned above creating an account with is very easy all you need to do is follow the below instructions correctly:

  • Make sure your devices are connected to the internet.
  • Using the devices launch any browser.
  • On that browser head over to the website
  • Once the website is loaded click on register on the top right side of the screen.
  • Now type the following information in their Boxes Email Address” (and confirm it), a “Password,” your “First Name,” and your “Last Name.”
  • Next, tap on the register.

To completely create your account all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions as you see them. So Make sure to follow all the instructions I have listed above correctly. login 

If you make use of eBay or you simply want to do it for the first time you need to first of all log into your account. Like I said above you do not need to create an account if you just want to bid on email and stop for good. But if you would like to keep using this website and also if you want to sell them you definitely need an account.

After creating your account from the process above the next thing is to know how to access it. Follow the below procedure to access or log in to your eBay account.

  • Launch any browser on your device.
  • Now use that browser to go to
  • This time tap on sign-in.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Finally, tap on login.

After tapping on the login button you would then be reformed to your account so that you can continue using it. That is the process of logging in to your account all you need to do is follow it correctly and exactly as you have seen above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an eBay account?

Opening an eBay account is easy all you need are your basic information and no matter what country you are in you can open an account. The steps and processes to open an eBay account are located in this article. All you need to do is scroll up and follow them.

Is it free to sign up for eBay?

Yes, eBay is free and I mean totally free to sign up which means to create an account. It’s also free to use unless you are selling. You need to pay eBay a certain amount of fee as they cut when you sell an item. So in a way selling on eBay is not free


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