Do you want to Buy or Sell eBay Motors Auto Parts?  Motor parts and accessories on the eBay marketplace are similar to selling any other items there. And the more people become automotive DIYers, the auto parts market has boomed on eBay.

eBay Motors Auto Parts

However, eBay Motors introduced new tools that make Shopping for auto parts online very simple. Whether you want to buy it or you want to sell it on the marketplace, the selling and buying procedure is very simple. In this content, you will discover steps on how to buy and sell auto parts on eBay Motors.

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eBay Motors Auto Parts

The company has announced its latest auto feature, The Shop by Diagram and My Garage Experience. Shop by Diagram lets buyers use interactive schematics to determine which parts are necessary and then quickly make the particular part they need available for purchase.

The enhanced My Garage Feature, allows shoppers to buy a personalized “virtual garage” of parts and accessories tailored specifically to their vehicle. Find out more about these features in the section below;

Shop by Diagram on eBay

This feature makes it easy to find any auto part. With this feature even if you don’t know the part’s name or part number, you will find it by making your car’s schematic diagrams interactive. First-timers and professional and amateur mechanics can use visual diagrams to shop for the exact parts they need for a project.

Enhanced My Garage

The updated My Garage feature has a custom storefront for every auto shopper. So, by saving the details of their cars, trucks, and motorcycles such as year, make model, etc. to the “My Garage” destination, buyers get streamlined access to the parts specific to their vehicle. Therefore, when a shopper searches for any item, eBay will only show items that fit the vehicles in their virtual garage.

 How to Create an eBay Account

To register for an eBay account, these are steps to take:

To register with Facebook, Google, or Apple account login credentials, hit on the Facebook, Google or Apple icon. Then follow the prompt.

 How to Login to Your eBay Account

You can log in to make purchases on eBay, monitor your transactions, and also log in to sell your items. Below are the login steps;

You can now access your eBay account, sell your items, track your transactions, and more.

How To Shop For eBay Motors Auto Parts

To shop for auto parts on, the steps are for you;

  • Progress to
  • Locate the parts you want to buy
  • Tap on the item
  • Click on the buy now or add to the cart to Continue Shopping.
  • Select the sign-in or continue as a Guest. If you select sign in you need to provide your username or email and password.
  • Fill out the form, checkout, and make your payment

These are procedures on how to buy vehicle parts.

Selling Auto parts on eBay Motors

Selling aftermarket vehicle parts and accessories on the eBay marketplace is just like selling any other items in the marketplace. eBay Motors is a part of eBay where buyers can find vehicles, including their compatible parts and accessories, and safely purchase them.

However, when selling vehicle parts, apart from providing details about the features of the auto parts and high-quality photos, you can benefit significantly from eBay’s Parts Compatibility tool. This compatibility tool allows shoppers to determine whether the part they are selling is compatible with their vehicle.

Further, eBay Motors is now the top third-party online marketplace for auto parts in the world. Therefore, if you are interested in selling auto parts online, then it’s time to follow the complete guide to selling vehicle parts on eBay.

How to Sell eBay Motors Autoparts

Selling products online through eBay is very simple and straightforward.  Below are steps on how to sell in the online marketplace;

Create an eBay Seller account

For you to sell auto parts and accessories on eBay, you need to create an eBay Seller account. Go to the signup page, enter your details, Register, verify your account, and then click the Sell button. It will redirect you to a page where you can start listing your parts.

Customize and configure your eBay Store

To view the tools for customizing and configuring your eBay store, go to the Manage My Store and find the Store Design Page. You can also upload your logo, a link to subscribe to your newsletter, and more. Navigate to the Display Settings area to change the visual appearance of your store. Make your store more user-friendly by selecting from a broad range of features.

Create an eBay Listing

To create your first listing, go to the eBay Motors Website and Sign In. Then, click on the Sell tab. Next, click Sell Your Item. Fill in the details of your part, and tap on Start New Listing on the listing tool. Enter vehicle type after that, click on save, and continue.

Parts Compatibility

When you list all the vehicles that your part is compatible with, shoppers searching for that particular auto part will be more likely to come across your store. Tap on Search Catalog and complete the fields that indicate the Make, Model, or Year of the vehicle that the part belongs to or input the part manufacturer’s name.

Set Up an Account before Uploading Your Listing

Before you launch your first listing, you should include some important details to your eBay account, like

  • Phone number
  • Verify your PayPal account
  • Payments methods
  • Make your feedback profile public
  • Arrange automatic payment method for seller fees
  • Use high-quality photos
  • After setting up your account, and providing the necessary info, you can now upload your listing.

I believe with the above steps, you can comfortably sell on eBay.


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