Education System in Canada vs American? Canada and America are two among the countries with the largest advanced economies in the world. Both countries have outstanding education systems, with some similarities and differences.

Education System in Canada vs American: Does Canada have higher quality education than the United States?

However, if you come to analyze the Education System of Canada and that of the US, you will come across some interesting comparisons Once you come to analyze the Education System of Canada and that of the US.

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Some main differences between the Canadian and American school systems are the educational age range, the system of certificates, etc. So, to find out more about the difference and similarities between the US and Canada systems of education kindly read to the end.

Education System in Canada vs American

Difference between the Canadian education system and the US education system. Education in Canada is governed by the provincial and territorial governments. The provincial and territorial governments are in charge of running the education system in their various provinces territories according to whatever they consider the most efficient and effective way.

While in the United States of America education is governed by the federal government, under the US department of education. However, just as the education system of the whole country is monitored by a single authority, there is no difference between the education systems in all the states.

In CA age range for compulsory education is 6-16 years. Apart from Ontario and New Brunswick where education is compulsory from the age of 6 to 18 years. Moreover, some provinces have exemptions at 14. But in the United States of America age range for compulsory education varies by state.

The beginning age varies between 5 and 8 years and the ending age varies between 15 and 18 years. Whereas, in some states early leave is allowed with parental approval. In Canada, a regimented system of certificate, diploma, degree, advanced degree, and many more are exercised.

Whereas, in the USA you can call just about anything a degree as no organized system of degree, diploma, etc. is practiced there.

Similarities Between Canada and American Education System

There are outstanding similarities between the education systems of both countries.

Primary or Elementary Education

Both the Canadian and American education systems cover elementary secondary and post-secondary education. Thus, primary or elementary education is the first stage of academic learning.

Secondary Education

Secondary education is the second stage of education. So, instead of the normal General Certificate of Education that is embedded with two levels, you will get to witness the Secondary education, or more commonly known as the High School System, in Canada and the US. Post-secondary education is the higher education that occurs at universities or colleges.

Equality of Educational Value

In both countries, you can experience equality in the value of education provided to the people, irrespective of their location. That is to say, the quality and choice of educational programs are not diminished by where the person lives.

However, both countries ensure equality of access to public information. Differences in language, gender, race, or mental or physical disability no longer restrain a person from receiving education in both countries.

Free Education

Also, free primary and secondary schooling is provided in all the states or provinces of both countries for 12 years. Thus, this is to make sure that the citizens of Canada and the US are not deprived of basic education due to a lack of financial resources.

 Students Loan

Students’ loans are also available in CA and the US to make sure everyone, even those who are not financially buoyant, get higher education. However, student loans in America are quite similar to that of CA.


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