Are you in search of an educational podcast platform that you can easily learn during this coronavirus period? If you are then you are in the right place. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, activities all over the world have been put to a standstill.

The most prominent effect of this deadly virus is that schools and educational institutions have been shut and suspended. Now, what do you do to keep the learning system and culture going on in the midst of all the nonsense? One of the best solutions with which people can now use to learn is via educational podcasts.

Educational Podcast

Well, there is the video option and others, but the podcast poses a cheaper option to students and pursuers of education all over the world. Continue reading to find out more about educational podcasts and how you can benefit from them.

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Educational Podcast

Before I go in any further in this article, I would love to ask you a question. How would you explain what a podcast is to someone who hasn’t heard of them before? Well, some persons might have heard of what a podcast is, but for the benefit of those who haven’t heard of it, I will be explaining briefly, what it is.

The definition of podcasts may vary as people view them from different perspectives. But for a better understanding of what a podcast is, I will be giving you the dictionary meaning. What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digitized audio file that is made available on the internet for downloads and listening pleasures. This file can either be downloaded to a mobile device or a desktop device. Podcasts may be available as series or installments.

Since you now know what the term podcast is, do you know what an educational podcast is? With the definition of a podcast, one can, therefore, say that an educational podcast is a digital educational audio file. The reason for this very file is to educate and that’s why it is called an educational podcast.

Educational podcasts do not really mean that it is meant for educational institutions. Educational podcasts are meant for everyone as you will get to learn when you listen to them. And just like normal or regular podcasts, educational podcasts can be downloaded also.

Educational Podcasts Benefits

Have you ever thought of the benefits of introducing educational podcasts to our learning system? Educational podcasts are more like a breath of fresh air to our learning system in the sense that it brings something new to the table. This system of learning will benefit everyone including mobile and non-traditional students.

Educational podcasts will also provide long-distance learning opportunities to those persons who are finding it hard to get them. For the teachers, it may also provide a new learning aid for them to better carry out their tasks to perfection.

Educational podcasts are mobile and this is one of the advantages and benefits of making use of them. When this system of learning is introduced to the learning system, you are providing a mobile way for people to learn.

You can learn at your own time and pace. These are just some of the benefits of making use of integrating this system of learning. To know more, you actually have to make use of or try out a podcast firstly.

Educational Podcasts For Students

Just as I have mentioned already, educational podcasts are not limited to educational institutions alone. Anyone can make use of them as their main function is to educate people. However, in the aspect of this article I will be sharing with you some great educational podcasts every student should listen to right now and they are;


One of the best and most popular places to get a podcast is a radio station. The Radiolab platform however is one of these stations that have been contributing to his project. Radiolab is a very trendy platform on the internet. This platform creates podcasts based on science and technology. It also offers podcasts on other subjects.

With the podcasts on this platform, every student becomes interested in innovative episodes and amazing sound effects. There are also interviews with specialists providing insights into human behavior and in the process making students become great conversationalists.

Science Friday

Science Friday is another educational podcast that every student should listen to. This podcast broadcasts Fridays in public radio stations and it is distributed by WNYC Studios. This podcast is made for students in the science field as it focuses mainly on different segments of science. Apart from touching various topics on science, there are also educational stories and activities to positively engage a student.


This podcast is hosted by the popular astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. This podcast is based on space as you should have noticed by now. The podcast also portrays topics from science and other popular cultures and mediums. The podcasts were discussed via one on one interviews and panel discussions. Due to his vast experience in the field, he has become a great intellectual.

History In The World In 100 Subjects

If you are a history student, you will find this one very interesting and helpful. Just as the name goes, the 100 objects refer to its 100 episodes. This podcast is among the biggest series of educational podcasts. This podcast revolves around the basic histories of the world. Each of the episodes on this podcast talks about a historical event that affected history.


Vox is known for breaking down complex concepts into simple terms, but its newest podcast, Unexplainable, turns that notion on its head. Unexplainable doesn’t help to demystify the everyday barrage of knowledge; instead, it surrounds us with history’s most puzzling mysteries.

Unexplainable encourages us to become at ease with the notion that human knowledge has numerous limitations, raising questions about anything from whether our preconceived notions about psychology are incorrect to the pursuit of understanding what the hell dark matter is. And that’s actually pretty cool. You should listen to this podcast to learn more about it.

Hardcore History

I humbly believe that the best podcast is Hardcore History. Each episode of Dan Carlin’s great show rivals an audiobook in terms of production value and the caliber of the research, making it almost unjust to refer to it as a podcast.

The comparison is not harmed by the fact that his most recent shows have been averaging five hours or more. This is one of the best podcasts I recommend for history students.


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