Have you heard of the Eiffel corp podcast? Before you provide me with an answer to that question, have you come across the Eiffel corp company? If you are a South African, you should have heard of this company and the services they render.

However, if you haven’t heard of this company, it is not too late. In the course of this article, I will be telling you all you need to know about the platform and their podcast, hence the name Eiffel corp podcast. When it comes to education what do we see? If you are asked to do a short talk on the topic, education, what would you say? Well when it comes to education, the truth is there is no shortage of words.

Eiffel Corp Podcast

Eiffel Corp Podcast

There is always something to talk about when it comes to education and the Eiffel corp company is one of the various companies in the world, South Africa to be precise, saying something positive about it and how it can grow. This company is a very popular one in South Africa; however, it is not that popular outside South Africa. Therefore for a better understanding of what this company is all about and what it represents I will be writing a short review on it.

What is Eiffel corp? Eiffel Corp is a company that is just passionate about what it does in the form and areas of education training and communication. This company aims at improving the standard of education through the thoughtful application of knowledge. This is done by harnessing people, processes, and technology.

This company exists to make education available to everyone while in the process of integrating technology into the picture. Just in case you still haven’t gotten an idea of what this platform is all about, here is a simpler version of the company itself.

Education is great and good. But do you know what would make education really what it should be? When education is being integrated with technology, the best possible result is gotten.

This company is more like a non-governmental organization. This company is dedicated and committed to supporting selected children financially for their schooling. Also, this company sponsors the popular soccer academy, Ubuntu soccer academy a nonprofit soccer academy, with a staffroom and school management system. This is done in a bid to ensure that these kids get the most out of their education.

Besides providing financial aid to students, this company also is contributing to the solution of unemployment in South Africa and how do they do this? This company has a graduate internship program.

This program is aimed at exposing young and fresh graduates to the work environment. And in the process of preparing them for their future careers through experience. The whole process of this internship program is not to give them a chance to apply knowledge learned, but to also prepare them for a workplace in the future.

How To Access The Eiffel Corp Podcast

In this platform, there is a podcast section and just like all educational podcasts. This very one is put in place to help educate people. To get direct access to the podcast section on this platform, go to Eiffel Corp Podcast. On this podcast page, you will have access to various educational podcasts with which you can use to broaden your knowledge. The podcast on this platform is brought to you by the Eiffel corp company. And it is being broadcasted by the anchor FM.


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