The EM2030 anti-racism and intersectional feminism 2020 is currently calling for consultancy to checkmate the activities of racism all over the globe. EM2030 means equal measures which is a human rights activist specifically for the girl child and the general women.

EM2030 Anti-Racism And Intersectional Feminism 2020

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Are you searching for organizations that is against human right violation? Do you want to know if the organization is a human right activist that goes against racism? Or you are looking for a way to seek a partnership with a globally recognized gender equality organizations? The organization mentioned above is there to make your wish and dream come true.

EM2030 Anti-Racism And Intersectional Feminism 2020

The present world technological development and advancement make it necessary for an organization that is against racism and gender discrimination to come into place. This was important because there are numerous needs while the right of the girl child and women need to be protected.

This is a platform that gives full gender equality. They also lay emphasis on the need to put an end to racism all over the world.

Putting into consideration the effects of gender discrimination and racism, the organization is willing and ready to protect the right of a girl child and women in the world. They also protect the right of all racists.

Anti-Racism Organization

Racism is a major issue, especially in foreign countries. This does not mean that it is not happening all over the world.

Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by individuals, groups, institutions, and communities against a person, group, or nation on the basis of their membership of a particular ethnic group or race especially one that is marginalized.

Racism also refers to the notion of placing individuals base on basic physical characteristics.  These characteristics may be skin color, hair type, facial form, and eye shape.

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List Of Anti-Racism Groups/Organizations

The list of anti-racist organizations or groups is listed below. They are;

  • Artists against racism’s resource
  • Artists against racism
  • Before Columbus foundation
  • Amherst educational publishing
  • Anti-racist charter for the new millennium
  • Anti-racism coalition
  • Anti-racism action
  • Anti-racist web
  • Center for the study of white American
  • Center for the study of ethnics and racial violence
  • Harvard law library
  • Healing racism
  • Heartsong books
  • Crossing line
  • Discriminational law
  • Diversity digest
  • Equality home page
  • Euro-American student union
  • Interracial voice
  • Red blooded society of earth
  • Recourses for diversity
  • Women teachers conference on anti-racism
  • Yahoo’s minority listing
  • Social justice connection
  • Toronto coalition against racism
  • Refuse and resist

There are other numerous human right activists which are not listed above. The EM2030 organization is not excluded from the activity of protecting human rights.

With these present human right activist, the activities of racism and il-human treatment like the slave trade and torture are brought to justice. You can absolutely fo more research on Google.

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