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Email Tracking

Hey friends! It is time to be in full control of emails. We can agree that we do not have any idea of whatever happens to our emails after we have sent it to our friends and contacts. Did my email message just get lost in their inbox? Or, Did they even receive it? Did they check out my links? We certainly have no idea. However, this used to be the old process for sending an email. But it so amazing to know that we now have software that allows us knows what happens to our emails.

Email Tracking - How to Track an Email - Email Tracking Software

Email tracking gives us the power and ability to build up and keep our communication and relationships in this competitive email environment. This tracking software helps to power our inbox in order to improve and boost our email effectiveness and efficiency.

You get to know the minute someone opens and reads your emails and lots more. Start tracking emails for free.

Email Tracking Software

Email tracking gives us notifications when the emails we sent have been opened and read. The email tracking software works without interrupting us and our contacts.

Benefits of Email Tracking

  1. It Helps Save Time

For the fact that a contact viewed our emails from a mobile device does not mean they are available to talk to us at the moment. They might be seriously working at the office or busy attending to something important. Thanks to this tracking software that notifies us of that we do not have to persistent in knowing if they have gotten our mail or not.

Then if we see a contact clicking on our emails with links, we know that it is convenient to talk to them at the moment.

  1. Makes Us Gain Insight

We can agree to the fact that composing an email could be frustrating as you do not know how and where to begin, what to say or even questions to ask your contacts. With Email tracking, you are given more than valuable information about your contacts relationship with your emails, you get to see their history, where they live, their profiles, their company details, your email history with them and lots more.

  1. Get ideas

This tracking service gives us valuable insight in terms of communication with our contacts, customers, and networks.

  • If we sent links together with our emails to our friends, we can actually know if our contact has clicked and seen your mail
  • Also, if we get notified that a friend has read our email so many numbers of times, we can immediately follow up
  • If we sent a follow-up email message, we can see if the contact is viewing that we sent.

Now we know the benefits of using the tracking software.

How to Track an Email

Sending a tracked email to a contact is so simple and easy. Follow these steps.

  1. Install the Email Tracking App.

There are so many tracking apps out there. But I recommend that you make use of HubSpot sales. It offers you live notifications when someone opens and reads your email messages.

  1. Compose your email message.
  2. Tap on the “Track email” button. With HubSpot sales, tracked emails are signified through a checkbox that appears in your Gmail.

You can compose your email message and simply press send.

  1. Get Notifications.

Once you click on the “Send Now” button, everything begins. You will be automatically notified whenever your contacts open and read your email messages.


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