Energy, Mobility, and Agriculture Innovation Program

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Energy, Mobility, and Agriculture Innovation program are all about finding innovative solutions to support lower-income communities in Africa.

Seedstars and Shell Foundation have joined forces to look for sustainable, scalable, and innovative working towards access to energy, sustainable agriculture, and mobility.

Energy, Mobility, and Agriculture Innovation programRecommended for You >>> Ellings Korduba Fellowship Program 2021 for US Citizens

The objective of this program is to support, catalyze and train early-stage (seed) tech startups addressing challenges related to access to energy (household energy, energy for business, energy nexus), sustainable agriculture (value chain innovations improving access to finance, technology, market or knowledge) or sustainable mobility (safe rural and last-mile mobility for people and goods) in Africa.

Energy, Mobility, and Agriculture Innovation program Benefits

There are some nice benefits that selected applicants will get and they include;

  • Applicants will be offered investment readiness training.
  • Group mentoring based on sector.
  • Applicants will benefit 10 from 1 mentoring with a dedicated expert that has been selected based on individual startup needs.
  • They will have identification by the Shel Foundation for potential funding opportunities.
  • Leverage of the human resources and knowledge available within the pro bono network of the Shell Foundation.


To apply to this program, you must meet the following application criteria;

  • To be considered, the applicant’s startup must have an existing solution with less than 4 years of existence.
  • Applicant must be acting in Mobility, Transportation, Energy, and Agriculture.
  • Applicant must have operations in Africa
  • The startup must be an early-stage one.
  • Must show initial traction and/or be generating revenue.
  • Have raised less than $1M USD in investment to date.

Application Timeline

19 November 2020

Launch of Open Call

20 December 2020

Close of Applications

January 2021

Announcement of Selected Startups

Feb – April 2021

Investment Readiness Program

You can Apply HERE

For more information, visit Shell Foundation Innovation Page


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