Engineering Courses in Nigeria: List of Engineering Courses in Nigeria


Do you want to find out the best Engineering Courses in Nigeria? Do you want to find out the Engineering courses available in Nigerian Universities? Here on our blog, we will be sharing with you, every necessary detail you just need to take note of.

Engineering Courses in Nigeria

Today, you will find out the Engineering Courses in Nigeria, the universities and polytechnic in which they are available.

What is Engineering?

This is the creative application of scientific activities and principles, which help to build up and develop stuff such as;

  • Machines
  • Apparatus
  • Structures
  • Manufacturing activities and processes
  • Operate or construct the same with full knowledge & awareness of their design
  • Making effective use of them singly or in combination

With this, an Engineer is someone who has the license to practice engineering.

List of Engineering Courses in Nigeria

If you would love to find out the list of all Engineering courses you could study here in Nigerian Universities, this article will be providing you with the list. Let’s check them out right away!

These courses include;

  • Accounting technology
  • Agricultural engineering
  • The Agricultural and Environmental engineering
  • Agricultural and Bio-resources engineering
  • Automobile engineering
  • Agricultural and Biosystems engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical engineering
  • Chemical and polymer engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical/petrochemical engineering
  • Civil engineering/Hydrology
  • Computer engineering
  • The Computer and communication engineering
  • Computer science and engineering
  • Communication technology
  • Communication technology and wireless technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics engineering
  • Electrical/electronic engineering
  • Electrical/Electronics/Computer engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Environmental technology
  • Food engineering
  • Food science and technology
  • Gas engineering
  • Food science and engineering
  • Glass technology
  • ICT Engineering
  • Irrigation Engineering
  • Industrial Production and Engineering
  • Industrial Production Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technology Engineering
  • Information and Communication Engineering
  • The Information and Communication Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Marine Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Mechatronics and System Engineering
  • Mechanical/Production Engineering
  • Metallurgical and Material Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Meteorology
  • Mining Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  • Polymer and Textile Engineering
  • Polymer Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Shipping and Maritime Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation and Management Technology
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Textile Science and Technology
  • Visual Arts and Technology
  • Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  • Wood Production Engineering
  • Wood Products Engineering

These are the list of courses available in Nigerian Universities.

Best Nigerian Universities to Study Engineering

This will not be left out! There are nice institutions in Nigeria where you can study the above courses. However, we will provide you with a list of the best. To check them out, visit Dailyschoolnews Nigeria.

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