Most times, individuals need to pull away from the traditional means of learning or studying. As a student, have you ever considered English Learning Games to teach yourself English? If you wish to improve your English abilities, the world is advanced to the level where there are games to learn English. There are also apps for learning Mathematics, but our focus now is English. Read on to see more like our picks for the best English Learning Games to use.

English Learning Games

English Learning Games

English Learning Games are game applications that can be used to learn English from anywhere. There are so many of them, so picking a choice is a bit hard and that’s why we’re here for you. Before listing out the best games for learning English, there look qualities to look at before making a choice.

Qualities of Good English Learning Games

Here are some qualities to look out for;

  • It is Accurate.
  • Very Effective.
  • It is Fun
  • Very easy to play.

English Learning Games Online

Online Educational English Games can be a hit or miss. That is to say, it can be either fun or boring. That’s the reason we have picked out some of the best ESL games for you to check out. They are;


If you are Looking for an action-packed ESL game that will have you working against time, then this one is for you you. Wordshake gives you 16 random letters of the alphabet and 3 minutes. Before the time limit, you have to come up with as many English words as possible with the letters. With every word you make, you get a point.


This app gives entertaining English videos into fun online games to help practice English. FluentU makes it easier for users to watch and understand native English videos alongside interactive captions.

ESL Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are great for those who like a challenge and also English Learners. They are great for testing your vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Scrabble Online

Scrabble may not be designed for English Learners but it is a great one to use. The rules of this game are simple and easy to understand. All you need is to grab seven-letter squares and make words with them.

English Learning Board Games

Board games are really fun. Gather your friends and grab a couple of board games and have fun. Rather than stocking your face down to a book. Here are some board games for learning English;


Of course, this list will not be complete without the Scrabble game. Playing Scrabble is simple, all you have to do is to arrange letters into words on a playing board. Each letter earns you a point and the special tiles on the boards give extra points. The major rule is to “Beat your Opponent”.

Apples of Apples

This is fun and simple to play a board game. To play, each player except a “Judge” places a card down faced. This card is best described by a special card on the board or table. The judge is required to turn in the cards and choose the best card to use. Whosoever placed that card down wins himself/herself a point and there a new judge takes in.

This game is also great for learning English. Words on the cards are either adjectives or nouns. Each word has its definition listed on it.


Funglish gives you a bunch of vocabulary words all at your fingertips. Users have to guess words by using the tiles with descriptive words inscribed on them. Each card has six words inscribed on it. Players are given 3 minutes to guess as many words as they can before the timer expires.

English Learning Games for Kids

Here are some English Learning Games for kids to play;

Fruit Naming Game

Fruit naming game is great for learning the names of fruits and helps to increase the child’s fruit knowledge. For older kids, it can be turned into a sentence-forming game, whereby they make sentences with each fruit name.

Guessing Game

This is one of the most interactive and fun-to-play games for kids learning English. All you need are random objects (easy to identify ones) and also a handkerchief for blindfolding.

Match the Cards

Match the cards is a fun game to play. Where the kids have to have the match up the cards correctly.

There are more games for learning English, but here are a few you could try out.


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