Call for Applications: Epidemic Science Leadership and Innovation Networks 2024 are open now. This initiative aims to establish a network of research excellence in thematic areas relevant to epidemic and pandemic sciences research, preparedness, and response across Africa.

Epidemic Science Leadership and Innovation Networks 2024
Epidemic Science Leadership and Innovation Networks 2024

The goal is to promote and nurture world-class epidemic and pandemic sciences research and innovation to address ongoing health challenges and strengthen capabilities to respond to future infectious diseases and health threats.

Call for Applications: Epidemic Science Leadership and Innovation Networks 2024

With the help of this appeal, a thriving ecosystem of Epidermic Science Leadership and Innovation Networks (EPSILONS) will be developed throughout Africa. Three to eight organizations will form a “hub and spoke” consortium for each EPSILON. In order to support research, readiness, and response in the field of epidemic and pandemic sciences, each consortium will create a network of research excellence.

These networks will support and foster top-notch research and innovation in epidemic and pandemic sciences throughout Africa, creating a critical mass of specialists in all health-related fields to tackle current health issues and bolstering capacities to counteract potential infectious disease threats.

They will aid in the formation of communities of practice that may be used to foster long-term cooperation and to address pressing policy and research needs in the event of future outbreaks.

Thematic Research Areas

  • Phenotype to genotype in virology
  • Vaccinology, or the study and development of early vaccines,
  • Research on pandemic and epidemic public health policies
  • Clinical studies and research on prone and epidermic infections
  • Sophisticated analytics and data assembly for threat identification and reduction.
  • Pandemic prevention, biodiversity, and climate change
  • Behavioral and social sciences.

Budget for Call for Applications

A core budget of up to USD $4 million over five or six years is required of applicants. Also specific supplemental money from other sources over the length of the program.


  • Lead applicants may be co-applicants in more than one application, but they may only lead one.
  • Lead applicants must be employed by a qualified organization and meet certain requirements, such as holding a research or academic post and having a salary for the duration of the award period, or having a salary guaranteed by their employment contract.

Application for Call for Applications

The deadline for preliminary applications is January 31, 2024, at 1700 a.m. East African Time (EAT).

Application Deadline:

  • The deadline for receipt of applications is January 31, 2024.

Open this link for more details about the Epidemic Science Leadership and Innovation Networks 2024


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