The topic I will be talking about is Facebook 2023. has anyone heard of this topic or in any way come across this kind of article on the internet before? The topic means something and it is talking about the Facebook new update, that is why it is called Facebook 2023.

Facebook 2023


For those of us that have seen the new update on our accounts, it is to tell you that you have started using the new update of Facebook. There are so many updates that Facebook has released into the platform but not everybody has started seeing this update on their account. While some have started seeing it and also using it on their account.

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Facebook 2023

As I have said there are lots of updates on the Facebook platform that is new. I bet you will love the new update that has been released into the platform. We have a new update on emoji, dark mode on Facebook web and app, the latest version of the Facebook mobile app, Changes relating to COVID-19.

We also have a new update on Facebook messenger, new image features, Facebook shortcut icon, Classic mode, and also Facebook’s new Watch tab. All these updates are put in place to better the experience of the user of the platform. Like I said that the 2023 Facebook is all about the Facebook new update for the year.

Facebook Update

The update is visible on the latest Facebook platform and if you have not yet a user of this platform. I will like you to do so by creating an account with the platform to also take part in the new update that has been added. There is something you need to know as a user of Facebook.

If you are a user and you have not yet seen this new update, that does not mean you won’t be part of it. The update takes time to show up, I am telling you this because I know of a friend that has not seen this update on his account.

Seeing this update does not mean your account is older than others. There are accounts that are older than other users’ accounts. But they have not yet noticed the new update on their accounts.

It will be surprising to you that someone that just created an account has already started using the new update or feature that has been released. There are things you can do with the help of the new update of Facebook and here they are.

  • As a user of the new Facebook update, you are free to shop through your Facebook on Instagram.
  • There is also an update whereby you can add stories Ads on your account because Facebook has added this feature recommending the latest update.
  • There is also a dark mode update added too to the platform.
  • We also have Facebook dating app as a new feature.
  • Buying and selling locally on the Facebook marketplace.

Facebook is still looking for a way to add other new features to the platform and more to come each year that comes by.

Facebook Emojis Update

For those of us that have started using the latest update, have you notice the newly added emoji on the platform. This emoji was added during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic. The emoji is cute and loving, the emoji added was just one and it is a caring emoji to show how much you care for others.

You can only find this emoji under someone’s post like photos and videos. It can be used only when you want to like someone’s photo or video by long clicking on the like option under the post and the care emoji will pop up and you can click on it.

Facebook Dark Mode Web and App

Another update is the dark mode. This feature is available on the Facebook website now and that of the mobile app that is the reason why the article includes both web and mobile apps. If you can remember that Facebook messenger also has a dark mode that was added a long time ago before this new update.

If you are using the Facebook web, you can now turn to the dark mode feature. before you can turn on the dark mode on the web, you need to switch to the new Facebook web. To switch to this new Facebook web, just go on and click on the drop-down icon at the top of the homepage after logging in to your account.

Look down right on the drop-down menu, you will see “Switch to New Facebook”. Just click on it and your Facebook will be changed to the new Facebook. As for turning on the dark mode, you can only find it on the new Facebook as I have said. Click the drop-down icon on the new Facebook and tap on the switch on dark mode to turn it on.

Latest Version of Facebook Mobile App

One thing you need to know about Facebook 2021 is that everything that has been updated on the platform even the mobile has been updated. If you are still using the old Facebook mobile version. You have to switch to the latest version of the mobile app.

You can quickly get the mobile app update by clicking the menu icon on your old Facebook mobile app. Clicking on the menu icon you will see the option to download the latest version. Just click on it and follow the steps that come after it.

The latest app can also be downloaded from your mobile device app store and search for Facebook using the search bar.

Changes Relating to Covid-19

For those who are active on Facebook, you will see that when scrolling over your account. There is an update for COVID-19, clicking on the link. You will be taken to a page where you can read news on COVID-19 updates. This update is both available on the new Facebook update and also on the old version.

New Image Features

This update has never been available before. The new image feature helps users to convert 2D photos to 3D photo format. This is to tell all users of the new update that they can convert their 2D image to a 3D image for a clearer view.

Classic Mode

What do you think this feature is, this feature is not a new update. It is an update before the arrival of the latest update. You can also call this one a new feature, the classic mode is the old version. If you remember vividly when I talked about the Facebook dark mode on the web and on the app.

This is to help users who do not like or want to switch back to the old web version of Facebook after switching to the new version. To switch from the new web version back to the old web version. You just need to click the drop-down icon. This is located at the top of the homepage of the new Facebook.

Scroll down to “Switch to Classic Facebook”. All you need to do is to click on it and that’s all and you are back to the old Facebook web version which is the classic model.

Facebook New Watch Tab

This is common on Facebook, users do like to watch videos online on their accounts. Now Facebook has made it easy for its users to watch videos. Now users can now watch videos on their account without searching or wasting their time looking for videos to watch.

They have added a feature called “Watch” on the new Facebook, for those that are using the new update. You will find this feature there, it is located at the top of the homepage among the rest tabs.

Like we have a Home tab which is the house icon. A page which is the flag icon, watch and that is the watch feature for streaming videos and also other tabs that comes after it. For those that have not yet created an account, you really need to because I don’t want you guys to miss out on these new updates.

Creating an account is not a difficult thing that you will need someone to help you with the steps. By just visiting the website you can create your account for free. Just visit on your web browser or by launching the mobile app.


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