Have you ever heard of Facebook Account is Locked? This account has become one of the best social media in the history of social media platforms. People using social media platforms use it for different purposes to connect with one another. Let’s check this out.Facebook Account is Locked


In this article, we will talk about the solution of how to unlock the Facebook account and understand the other related aspects such as the reason why our Facebook account is locked.

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Facebook Account is Locked

In the world today millions of people log into Facebook every day to connect with their friends, family co-workers, classmates, and even business partners to share photos, details, videos, and information around. For many people, Facebook is now one of those things they cannot do without.

Facebook can actually lock your account at any given time and moment. Imagine you trying to log in to your account and you are told it is locked, what a heartbreak. There are reasons your accounts are locked but most people do not know the reason why their account is always locked.

The platform has become much popular than ever in the world that everyone in the world wants to register for the social media platform. But if treated properly you can unlock the account that is accidentally locked.

Why is My Facebook Account Locked

Here are some reasons why the account is locked. Below is the reason:

  • Creating a fake account.
  • Using a fake picture.
  • Impersonating someone.
  • If someone has reported your account.
  • Making changes in the privacy policy.
  • Improving the database.
  • Posting unwanted material.
  • Sending friend requests in bulk can cause the blocking of an account.
  • Harassing other users.
  • Doing suspicious things on your account.
  • Low in the network connection.

For those that do not know about this before, the above list is the reason your account is locked.

Facebook Locked Account

There some symptoms you must know when your account is locked. Below is the list of symptoms:

  • Unable to create a fan page.
  • Changing a password problem.
  • Unresponsive behavior of Facebook.
  • Sending and receiving messages problem.
  • Cannot send or receive friend requests.
  • Unable to post anything on your account.
  • Having problems signing in with correct login details.
  • Having trouble uploading photos and videos.

Here we have the symptoms you will be experiencing when your account is locked.

How to Unlock Facebook Locked Account

If your account has been locked you can follow these steps below to unlock it:

  • If you try to log in to your account and you find out that it is locked you must wait for at least 24hrs.
  • Clear the history, cache, and footprints to get back access to your account.
  • If that did not work then you need to recover your account.
  • Log on to the Facebook page to recover your account https://www.facebook.com
  • Click on Forget account below the sign-in box.
  • You are to enter your email address, phone number, or full name in the form that will appear then click search.
  • You are to select your account from the list that will appear on your screen.
  • Select Send code via SMS if you use your mobile number.
  • Select send code via email if you use your email.
  • Click on Continue to send the six-digit code.
  • Enter the sent code in the form on your screen.
  • A page will appear to change your password.
  • Type your new password and click continue.
  • Your password will be changed.

Note: if the account did not open that means it is deleted. I hope with this article you will be able to open your locked account.

How long will my fb account be locked?

You’ll have to wait 24 hours to enter into your Facebook account after passing a security check. Your account won’t be accessible during this period, but your Facebook friends will still be able to see it.

How do I unlock my Facebook account?

To unlock your Facebook account Click Search after entering your email address, phone number, or full name in the resulting form. Pick your account from the list if you typed your full name. It will inquire as to how you wish to obtain the code for password reset. We’re choosing Send code through email in this case.


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