Facebook is technologically preparing for what may occur during the US Presidential election using the Facebook Ad Kill Switch, imagining the potential setback scene that might occur in the U.S. in the wake of the 2020 election.

According to Reuters, “Facebook Inc has considered putting stop to political adverts after U.S. Election Day to curb post-election false information.

Facebook Ad Kill Switch - Facebook Ads - Disable Political Ads on Facebook

Facebook formerly considered a strong political ad ban during the election season, which is an action that Twitter had earlier made.

However, these political ads have been continually operated on as usual. But instead, Facebook has sought to control the use of its platform for malicious information sharing while remaining relatively lax about the usual sharing of false information.

Facebook Ad Kill Switch

The Facebook Ad Kill Switch feature can now aid the US citizens who are Facebook users who have control of the political ads they see on their Facebook News Feed. During the past elections, false information was shared all over Facebook, and users were not given options of either removing or stopping seeing the political ads.

After Facebook was complained to, the option for Americans to turn off the political ads was made accessible.  To turn off the political ad, you should consider reading more on this article to get the basic information on Facebook Ad Kill Switch.

Just as the name implies, the Facebook Ad Kill Switch refers to an option that allows users to put an end to displayed political ads on their Facebook News Feed.

About the Election

Trump could declare this recent November 3rd election to be fraudulent. To this, Trump could as well win the election and other candidates might claim it to be fraudulent. At default, the lost candidates could continue the usual American tradition of accepting the results and stepping the office to his successor.

Allowing citizens of American democracy to carry on as a system built upon strong electoral rules and laws. Facebook is set to begin preparation for even the major absurd potential scene that citizens in the U.S. might all soon live through together.

How to Disable Political Ads on Facebook

To officially turn off political ads before you see them, on the Facebook app or website, follow the below steps:

  • Launch the Facebook app or go to the Facebook webpage.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to Settings & Privacy.
  • Then enter Settings.
  • Click on Ads.
  • Then click on Ad Preferences.
  • Enter Ad Topics, Social issues, elections, or politics, and click See fewer ads about this topic. And you will stop seeing ads from the one you selected.


  • If you scroll past any political ad on the app.
  • Tap on a tag option that indicates “Confirmed Organization” in the top-right section of the ad.
  • Then tap on the option that indicates “See fewer ads about this topic”.
  • From the next displayed pops up, tap to confirm that you want to see fewer ads about social issues, elections, and politics in the future.

And this will put an end to the ads been displayed on your Facebook News Feed.


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