Do you want some Facebook ads guidelines? Here it is they are all here. Today I will be discussing your Facebook ads and how you can easily create one all by yourself, but first, you must read this article. Don’t rush when you are reading this, because you might not grab the important or necessary information.

So you have to be gentle when reading to get a better understanding of it. Now I believe you have been hearing of the Facebook ad because is not a new thing on the Facebook platform. But if you haven’t heard of it, there is no problem at all; I will tell you all about it. So without wasting any more time, I will like to begin with what the Facebook ad is.

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Facebook Ads Guidelines

The Facebook ad is what allows your business or website to be displayed on the Facebook website or platform, for users to get notified about your product or business. With the Facebook ad, you can easily advertise your market or anything that brings you money on Facebook.

When you advertise on Facebook, there are lots of benefits attached to it, you are going to get popular on Facebook, not only that also make lots of cash. You can also earn lots of customers to your website or business.

There are lots of benefits it offers. If you are a Facebook user and you don’t know of this feature, then you are lacking behind. Don’t waste any more time and make use of it now. But let me tell you about the Facebook ad price.

Facebook Ads Cost

Facebook advert or the ad has an average cost per click of 1.86 dollars and also cost per thousand views of 11.20 dollars, that varies based on the factors from ad quality to completion. Now, while the average small business ad on Facebook spends 1000 – 2000 thousand dollars per click a month.

Also, you should also know that there is no minimum monthly ad spend, making Facebook affordable for most businesses. Now it does not even matter how much you spend on the Facebook ads if your campaign is very low quality.  But you should not waste money on low or poorly design and executed campaigns.

Rather get professional Facebook ad management, in order to maximize your return on ad spend and also to meet your marketing goals. But you must have an account on Facebook. But before you can make use of the Facebook ad you must have an account on Facebook.

How to Create Facebook Account

Creating a Facebook account is very easy, but here are some steps to even make it easier;

  • Visit the Facebook webpage.
  • Then click the sign-up or create a new account button.
  • Now all you have to do is, to fill in the details.
  • When you are done filling, just click the sign-up button below.
  • Then you are going to receive confirmation digits to confirm your account creation.
  • Simply type in those digits in the confirmation box on the Facebook page.
  • After that click ‘confirm’ or “continue’.

Now you will be welcomed to your new Facebook account.

How to Create Facebook Ad

Here is how to create a Facebook ad without errors or mistakes;

  • You can simply log in to your account.
  • Now at the top of your homage click on “create”.
  • Also, then select the “ad” option you want.
  • Now you will have to select or choose an objective, if you don’t choose an objective you can’t move further.
  • Once you have chosen your objective.
  • Now create your ad account
  • Also then, set up your audience.
  • The next thing is your placements of ads, how you want them to be placed on Facebook.
  • When you have done that set your budget and schedule.
  • Now pick an ad format that you will like to use to display your advertisement.
  • Also the media.
  • Lastly, you can now measure your ad.

Your ad will be successfully created.


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