Facebook Ads Guidelines 2019 – Facebook Guidelines for Ads

Facebook Ads Guidelines 2019 – Facebook Guidelines for Ads

With the increase in Facebook Advertising, Facebook makes sure to monitor and review the contents which users promote. Facebook Ads Guidelines 2019 are the guides and rules for running Ads. Facebook Ads guidelines are stricter than ever. That is why on this we will be providing you with the guides to help know what is acceptable and not.

Facebook Ads Guidelines 2019

The Ads guidelines are set specially to help users get a better understanding of how Facebook Ads work and how to run a successful ad. Read on to see the contents that are not allowed on the Facebook ads platform.

Facebook Guidelines for Ads

If you are considering Facebook advertising for your business in 2019, then you should know the Facebook Ads Guidelines 2019.

For you to advertise on Facebook or Instagram platforms, there are things you need to take note of. This part of my article will be listing out the Facebook advertising guidelines 2019.

Facebook Ads That Are Not Allowed

If you are marketing any of the following products or providing any of the services below, Facebook would not accept it on their platform;

Adult Content

The adult contents include Nudity, implied nudity, visible skin or photos focused on the sensitive body parts of anybody.

Harassment and Hate Speech

If you are running an ad for hate speech or harassing languages, Facebook will ban you from using the platform. Such includes discrimination in any form based on race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability or medical condition.

Illegal Drugs

Users are not allowed to advertise any form of illegal or illicit substances within the platform.

Prescription Drugs

On Facebook ads, only pre-approved drug companies are allowed to run ads, the rest are prohibited.

Sales of Alcohol

Facebook being a worldwide platform only allows Ads for alcohol to a strict age audience in the countries which it is allowed.

Gambling Online

Never advertise online gambling services to people on the platform.

Tobacco Products

Never advertise tobacco products on this platform.

Adult Dating Sites and Friend Finders

These services are not also to be promoted to others on the platform.

Explosives and Weapon

Never advertise such products and services.

Promoting of Illegal Activity

Never promote activities that are illegal.

Facebook Ad Image Size

Still, on the Facebook Ads Guidelines 2019, you should know the sizes of images to make use of. It is an important factor. When running an Ad on Facebook, the image you use determines if it would be approved by Facebook or not. Using images which follows the image guidelines will ensure you not keeping the Ad at risk.

Text in the Image Should Not Be More Than 20%

The text does not refer to the headline or the body of the Ads, this implies to the text over the image.

Do not Use Sexually Explicit Material

As the general rule, images promoting nudity, sexual materials and more.

Do Not Use Sensational Content

When talking of sensational contents, images that will scare or shock the users. Such images include abuse, threats or violence.

Image Specifications

Make sure to use clear and the highest resolution of the image possible.

  • Minimum height and width of images are 600 pixels.
  • Use JPG or PNG.
  • The ratio should be 9:16 to 16:9.
  • The text should not exceed 125 characters.

Note: Some of these listed above also change should in case you include a hyperlink.

Ads Written Copy Guidelines

A copy that is very compelling is a very important part of your Ads. You are likely to have users who would convert if the copy is compelling enough.

Accurate Portrayals of the Brand

Your ad should be very accurate and honest about the brand’s products or services.

Information should be relevant to the image you used in the Ads and also the landing page.

Facebook Ad Targeting

If you are serving the Ad to a particular target or audience, you would need to make sure the Ads are relevant to the interests of them. By doing so, you would not only get possible conversions but also would be line with the Facebook targeting guidelines. Make sure to be careful with the information your ask via Lead Ads. Here are some things to consider;

  • Custom Audiences: This is one of the best tools Facebook offers its users.
  • Product Specific Targeting: If you are advertising about gambling or alcohol make sure it is in the locations that are allowed.

Landing Page

Make sure that the landing page you are using is relevant, users should have a good experience and also maintain compliance.


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