Facebook Ads How to Target – Facebook Target Audience

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Facebook Ads How to Target? You must know how to target the right people with your ads on Facebook. With the billions of active users on the Facebook platform, you should have the full knowledge of Facebook Ads How to Target. What do I mean? You should know how to target your ads to the right people. Facebook has billions of people as active users on its site, and this has made it a top spot for advertising. The truth is, this is the time to get familiar with the process of Facebook ads targeting.

Facebook Ads How to Target

Facebook has got several different options for targetingpeople with your ads (advertisements). So, to get cool cash from your ads on Facebook,you will need to focus your attention on the audience. These audiences are yourcustomers and fans, and you have to get your business down to them. Thisarticle will be taking you through the steps on Facebook Ads How to Target.

Facebook Target Audience

Before moving on to starting the process of targeting your ads (advertisements), you should know what the target audience really is. The target audiences are the people that you will advertise to. You are able to target these people, as your business ads get to them. There are different targeting options. This means that there are certain options required to target people, so the adverts for your business, products, or services can get to them.

So, if you have been considering Facebook advertising, in orderto promote your business, here is one thing you need to take note of now. Foryou to advertise, you have to know who you are advertising to. These people areyour target audience, which are the people you are targeting with your ads. Thereare different options to choose and select your target audience. I will belisting them in the next part of this article.

Facebook Ads Targeting Options

If you have been following this article on Facebook Ads How to Target, you should know that there are several ways to target people. These ways are Facebook ads targeting options. Keep in mind that you could make use of the options below to target people to see your ads (advertisements).


It is possible for you to target people by their state,locality, country, ZIP code and other location options. You could even chooseto make it so specific. How? By targeting where they work or where they live.


Behaviors are also used to target people on the Facebookplatform. This particular option actually makes use of Pixel for its operation.Pixel is a code that works to track the behavior of people, so you can displayads to these people that behave in certain ways. This is one profitable option.For instance, you could display your ads to someone who just visited orsubscribed to your website/blog.


The demographics are made up of age, gender, relationship status, income, and others. Facebook advertising provides you with different demographic options.


The engagement option has to do with people who like or commenton your posts. It could also be someone who follows you or your pages on thesocial media platform. If you have got people like this, you can also displayyour ads to them.


Interests are also a helpful option for targeting peoplewith your ads. You could target people who may have interests in the type ofbusiness that you do, and the services you have to offer.

Facebook has provided several different options to help youget to a large number of audiences with your business. It is left for you toget started right away.

Facebook Ads How to Target

You may be wondering how you can get started on targeting people with your ads. Facebook ads targeting starts with the process of creating an ad on Facebook. Using the Facebook ads manager, you can create an ad (advertisement), and make it go live and visible to people.

So, to target people, you have to get on the Facebook adsmanager to create ads. In the process, you will be asked to choose your targetaudience. You will be provided with the above Facebook ads targeting optionsthat I listed above.


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