Have you created a Facebook Ad that didn’t bring forth very good results? Perhaps you’re still skeptical about Facebook Marketing, become you’ve tried and fail. Spent some cash, click on some buttons, and still yet no good result. This guide will be giving you some Facebook Ad tips to help you step up your game.

Facebook Ads Tips - Tips For Facebook Ads | Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook ad tips are the tactics you would put together to get positive results when running ads on Facebook. Running Facebook ads is really a great way to get potential audiences or customers.

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Facebook Ads Tips

With the social media platform, Facebook being the largest social site in the world with more than 2.2 billion active users, you are likely to meet your ideal client or customer. Facebook ads are simple to set up and also easy to use.

With great targeting options, you can reach the audience based on demographics, sex, age, etc. On the platform, new features are being added to improve the experience of their users.

Tips for Facebook Ads

Here are some tips on advertising to help boost sales and traffics on-site or brand;

Choose the Ad Placements Carefully

When you are running Facebook Ad, your placement should be something you would be worried about. On the Facebook Ads Manager, you would be giving two options for your ad placement, which are;

  • Automatic Placements: it helps you to identify the placement that would be best for the ad.
  • Edit Placements: you would have to choose the placement you want for the ad.

Ad placements for Facebook are;

  • Feed.
  • Instant Articles.
  • In-Stream videos.
  • Right column.
  • Suggested Videos.
  • Marketplace.
  • Stories.


  • Feed.
  • Stories.

Audience Network:

  • Native, Banner, and Interstitial.
  • In-Stream Videos.
  • Rewarded Videos.


  • Inbox.
  • Stories.
  • Sponsored Messages.

Make Use Of Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel helps to make the ads more presentable. It is a piece of code that, when it’s installed on the website, provides you with the information that you would use to create more targeted Facebook Ads.

Use Custom Audience

The custom audience on Facebook enables the advertisers to reach their brand customers and fans.

Use Lookalike Audience

When you target a lookalike audience on your Ads, you target those people that have never interacted with your Ads before but share very similar qualities with your customers.

Test Your Idea Before Spending Money On It

Before creating an Ad on Facebook, it would be best to share the idea with others. You can share it with your fans and customers by creating a video clip, make a few regular posts about it, or create a Facebook poll in your group to get the thoughts and ideas of others.

Use Carousel Ad format for E-commerce Products

One major engaging way to make the audience notice the product you are advertising is to display them in a carousel format. The carousel Ad format is the means of showcasing multiple of your products in cards that people can scroll.

Show the basic steps in using the products or make a highlight of specific features of the products, in that audience would appreciate it more.

Use Social Proof

Make use of testimonials for the social proof of the product that you are advertising. You can actually turn the testimonials into Facebook Ads. The testimonies shouldn’t be limited to writings only. Upload videos of customers or users talking about your product. They help to bring positive results.

Also, Let the Image count and make use of clear and quality images for the Facebook Ad. Make an impact with Video. When you make use of video ads, do I in a way that caters to silent viewing. You can use an inspirational or funny video to capture the attention of the audience.

The video should be brief and simple yet very capturing and engaging. Lastly, spy on the Ads on your competitors to get more inspiration to create better Facebook Ads. I hope these Facebook Ad Tips would be helpful in bringing positive results to your Ads.



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